Bombshell: Arizona Election Results Audit Finds ‘Significant Discrepancies,’ Ballots Off By Up To 17.5%, Joe Biden ‘Likely Did Not Win’

( Exclusive) – The currently ongoing audit of ballots that were cast in Maricopa County, Arizona has discovered “significant discrepancies” in the number of ballots versus the number of them that were supposed to exist. Which essentially means there’s shenanigans going on just as everyone suspected from the beginning.

According to a new report published by Infowars, Boris Epshteyn, a political strategist, went on to suggest the discrepancies might be as high as 17.5 percent and then dropped the bombshell that it’s “likely Joe Biden did not win Arizona.”

The Arizona Senate President sent a letter out to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which addressed some pretty big issues that have already been discovered in the audit and offered to settle them without the need for more subpoenas or any sort of compulsory action.

Epshteyn made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast recently where he stated the letter reveals, “Pallet five, batch 2976, 200 pink slip total, actual total 165. They are missing 35 ballots out of that batch.” He went on to add, “35 out of 100 is 17.5%. 10 out of 200 is 5%.”

“Do you know how shocking that is? 17.5% discrepancy in a batch is beyond belief.” He went on to say, “In one they’ve got 18 more than there’s supposed to be, which is a 9% discrepancy. Again, if we are to have any confidence in elections in this country, how can we possibly be okay with discrepancies of double digit percentages? It’s absolutely mind boggling, anything above a tiny fraction of a percentage is unacceptable, by the way, unacceptable according to the Federal Elections Commission.”

Epshteyn then went on to explain that several databases that were subpoenaed for the purpose of the audit have been removed, which includes files containing election results and how they were tallied up.

“There’s evidence these databases were removed as recently as March, right before handed over, and while being subject to a subpoena. That’s criminal activity,” he said.

“We now know why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have been fighting this subpoena so hard, why Perkins Coie has come in, why the Democrats are pushing back, why you’ve got mainstream media melting down. Because they’re hiding this. They’re hiding the disaster in which they handled this election, and likely, the fact that Joe Biden did not win in Arizona,” he continued.

The official Twitter account for the Maricopa Arizona Audit, which is being run by Arizona’s former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, has confirmed the discrepancy.

Folks, it’s becoming clearer by the day. The Democratic Party committed widespread voter fraud in an attempt to swing the election away from former President Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden became the next commander-in-chief.

If we value our liberty and way of life, we must hold those individuals accountable who were involved in this fraud, taking action to correct the problems that were exploited for this scheme to work and ensuring that our elections remain free and fair.

Without free and fair elections, our entire way of life collapses.

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