Deplorable: Weak Joe Biden Bends The Knee To Cop-Haters, Reverses Declaration On Flying Flags At Half-Staff In Honor Of Fallen Cops After Liberals Complain

( Exclusive) – The radical left has made it abundantly clear over the course of the last decade that they absolutely hate law enforcement officers with the intensity of a thousand burning suns.

This is why they have been campaigning against cops and have been calling for them to be defunded and abolished, regardless of the fact that doing so has caused a spike in homicides in cities where Democrats are in control.

And what’s worse is President Joe Biden has caved-in to the demands of the angry mob of Black Lives Matter “activists” and is helping to legitimize their hatred for police officers.

According to Gateway Pundit, back on May 10, Biden stated that flags would fly at half-staff to honor fallen police officers.

As you can probably imagine, this got the cop-hating radical leftists in the country all riled up and they started issuing complaint after complaint. Instead of growing a spine and doing the right thing, whether it pleased his base or not, Biden gave in and reversed the declaration, announcing that flags would fly at full staff.

This is all it takes for the left to get whatever they want out of Biden. Apply just a smidge of pressure and he’ll do what he’s told, like a good lapdog.

The messaging, which is just as scrambled as the brain that produced it, has irked some Republicans in the two chambers of Congress.

“Earlier this week Joe Biden announced that flags would be flown at Half Staff tomorrow to honor the men & women in blue who died in the line of duty,” Florida Rep. Brian Mast, a veteran, stated in a tweet that was published over the weekend. “Today he ‘Friday news dumped’ that he’d changed his mind: in his opinion, they aren’t worthy of lowering the flags. Unacceptable!”

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu ripped into Biden as well over his “eleventh hour” reversal of this policy and promised he would keep the state’s flags flying at half-staff regardless of whatever “decree” Biden put out.

“Late tonight Joe Biden quietly tried to reverse his Peace Officers Memorial Day Proclamation, hoping no one would notice they are no longer calling for flags to fly at Half Staff across the USA honoring our men women in blue,” Sununu wrote in a tweet posted up on Friday. “This is outrageous and precedent breaking.”

This kind of thing is completely disgraceful. Biden ought to be ashamed of himself for siding with lawless criminals posing as “activists.” He’s encouraging violence and division, which is the opposite of what a president should be doing.

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