BREAKING: Judge Dismisses Election Lawsuit

( Exclusive) – A judge from the state of Michigan recently admitted that the 2020 presidential election results in Antrim County might have been “corrupted or corruptible.” However, despite having said that, this judge still dismissed a lawsuit over a new audit.

According to WND, the ruling also prepared immediately for an appeal.

The case in question was brought up by attorney Matthew DePerno on the behalf of Antrim citizen William Bailey.

Antrim County was where there were a lot of suspicions of possible vote interference were raised due to the Republican leaning district being declared to have voted for Joe Biden in the November 2020 election. Officials in the county later said there was some sort of human error and that President Trump was the actual winner of the county.

In light of all that, it didn’t take long for this Michigan county to become a sort of representative of shady actions and results all over America.

“Further, Michigan was one of six battleground states that drew charges of election fraud. Several states suspended counting on Election Night with Trump leading. Hours later, after massive ballot dumps that were nearly 100% for Biden, the Democrat took the lead when counting resumed,” the WND report said.

A report from the Washington Examiner stated that 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer gave his ruling on the case during a Zoom case.

“By deciding this motion, the court is not saying that there were no problems in the way that Antrim County conducted its November 2020 elections,” the judge said. “The clerk has admitted that there were challenges and problems in the elections, although the hand count ultimately of the presidential election showed the results were largely consistent with the canvas totals that were entered by the state and reported by the county. Nor am I saying that the processing of election data here wasn’t corrupted or corruptible. I don’t have the facts to make that determination.”

He then went on to say there are concerns, referring to the recent cyberattack carried out against the Colonial Pipeline that ended up shutting down its operations.

“The plaintiff’s reports and news of the day, including a computer hack recently of a main petro fuel pipeline on the East Coast might well suggest that this is something that policymakers should be looking into in the future. If election results were to be held for ransom in the future, one could only imagine what would happen,” the judge went on to explain. “I am saying that as pled, the plaintiffs’ request for an audit is not available. Anticipating the possibility of appeal, this court will take all pending motions under advisement.”

DePerno has claimed that there was the option on the voting machines themselves that were used in the county for someone who had access to go into the machines after the fact and put in additional votes and then backdate them to election day.

The attorney later went on to have a discussion with Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit along with Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and explained what his next steps were going to be after the judge dismissed the case.

DePerno said that he was going to appeal the judge’s decision during this interview, which is the right course of action to take. We cannot just give up the fight here. We must push forward and do our best to get to the truth of what happened back in November.

If fraud did occur we need new laws to protect our most precious right and to let our vote help guide the nation in the future.

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