Sick: Prominent Democrat Civic Leader Arrested For “Continuous Sexual Abuse Of Child Under 10”

( Exclusive) – The culture in the United States continues to get more and more perverse and corrupt as the Democrats continue to drag us in the direction of the radical left.

Progressivism has resulted in the abandonment of Christian values and principles on the community and national levels which is leading to an all-out assault on the children of America.

The left has been fervently targeting and grooming the next generation to embrace sexual freedom and perversion. We’ve been seeing it for years and each year that goes by the more mainstream these efforts have become.

It should come as no surprise that a prominent California Democrat and social justice activists has been arrested for the repeated sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 10.

It’s appalling, disgusting and evil but, sadly, not surprising.

The left has celebrated all manner of sexual sin and deviance and we should expect these things to manifest in their personal lives.

Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ) founder Sammy Nunez has been arrested in San Joaquin County and is being held in the County jail on a $2 million bond.

Nunez had been a well-known and highly visible social justice figure in the Stockton community and his work and the organization he founded brought him in frequent close contact with children.

Ironically, his foundation is aimed at helping men rehabilitate and re-enter society to be more effective role models, especially within the family unit.

“Today, we work on the front lines of racial justice, community healing, trauma-informed care, community re-entry, and education equity in the City of Stockton, the surrounding San Joaquin Valley and throughout California,” reads a description of the FFSJ organization.

Back in December, CBS Sacramento interviewed Nunez where he discussed how FFSJ was helping residents cover Covid funeral expenses.

Nunez was also featured in an HBO documentary titled, “Stockton on My Mind.”

Prior to the COVID ordeal, Nunez had traveled to Philadelphia to attend a Democratic Presidential Candidate Town Hall voting event focused on Criminal Justice Reform.

Given the fact that for years the radical left has been attempting to mainstream pedophilia as if it were just another sexual orientation like homosexuality, it’s certainly not shocking that a man so seemingly focused on helping criminals escape the stigma and re-enter society is actually a deviant criminal himself.

Democrats should be speaking out and condemning Nunez and his sick, deviant behavior but don’t hold your breath. They won’t.

They’ll just ignore it. They don’t want to have to acknowledge the sick fruit of their efforts to turn America into a secular, liberal dystopia where everyone is encouraged to “live their truth” and “accept themselves” including all the dark, wicked stuff that we, as a society, used to condemn.

Now they want to bring the darkness into the light and embrace it and in doing so have encouraged people like Nunez to live out their most demented and horrific fantasies.

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