The Contemporary Christian Music Scene Is Imploding As Artist After Artist Is Renouncing Faith In Jesus Christ To Follow The New Age ‘Universal Christ’

Grammy-winning vocalist Kevin Max, a member of the popular Christian band DC Talk who has released music in multiple genres, revealed over the weekend that he considers himself to be an ‘exvangelical’ who follows the ‘universal christ’.

I have been a musician since the age of 9 years old, a songwriter and performing artist for many years in addition to working as an actor in Hollywood before getting saved in 1991. You would think that someone with my background in the performing arts would be a natural fit in the Contemporary Christian Music scene, but you would be wrong. From the moment I got saved, the songs that resonated with my born again spirit were the old hymns like ‘Blessed Assurance’, ‘Saved By The Blood’, and countless others that sing of Jesus Christ. Contemporary Christian Music sings not of Jesus Christ, but the ‘universal christ’ of the New Age.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Colossians 3:16 (KJB)

In 2021, as the spirit of Antichrist continues to rise over a lost and fallen world, the pretend christians of CCM are revealing their true colors. DC Talk is a band I never liked from the moment I saw the Eye of Horus on their album cover for ‘Jesus Freak’. No Jesus there, just freaks. Now DC Talk band member Kevin Max has come out as an ‘exvangelical’, and wants the world to meet the Universal Christ of the New Age. You might know this ‘universal christ’ by another name, Satan.

Now, lest you think I am being overly harsh in my assessment, please review the following:

If you are hooked up with with the Contemporary Christian Music scene, attend a Laodicean megachurch, or listen to anyone who sings about a ‘universal christ’, you need to run from that junk and repent of it immediately. If not, you just may wind up as an ‘exvangelical’ who is ‘deconstructing’ your faith Jesus Christ.

DC Talk’s Kevin Max says he’s an ‘exvangelical’: ‘Deconstructing’ and ‘progressing’

FROM THE CHRISTIAN POST: “Hello, my name is Kevin Max & I’m an #exvangelical,” he tweeted Saturday, sparking a large response from many of his Christian followers. Some praised the musician’s post claiming they were also exvangelicals, a term that has been used commonly in recent years to describe individuals who no longer identify as evangelicals. Others on social media stated they had never heard the term, which has been associated with progressive Christians who have left evangelical Christianity due to theological or political reasons in recent years.

In response to a social media user who said Max no longer believed in Jesus, the “Jesus Freak” singer quipped, “Nope, didn’t say that, read text carefully.” In another post, Max clarified that he still follows “the Universal Christ.”

“I have no idea how many peoples blogs or podcasts are using that announcement for further division, but I’m here for The Grace,” he assured. The musician added further detail on his Twitter thread.

“For all those people using my post as plug & play for your own hot take or personal discourse, I offer the lyrics to an upcoming song off of my new band @AstronautsSad album ‘Adult Fears’ titled: ‘It’s okay’…. I’m sorry for being obtuse or difficult but it’s a process… love.”

The lyrics to the song read:

“It’s ok to be estranged

From everything that you were taught

And it’s ok

To unpack all the hopeless baggage that you bought

I know the sun it never shines

In the same place twice

And I know that life is better

With a trusted vice

But you will change

When you cave

To the universal Christ….


And it’s ok for you to lose

The shame from all the churches abuse

And it’s ok

For them to see

You don’t believe in man’s inerrancy

I know the sun it never shines

in the place you hide

I know you think its better

Shrouded in secrets and lies

But you’ll change

When you embrace

The glowing universal Christ….

This year marked the first time since the Gallup organization started tracking data that fewer than 50% of Americans belong to a church or religious organization.

BreakPointreported that some of the people leaving the church are joining a growing demographic known as the “nones.” Religious “nones” consist of people who reject all religious affiliation, and some of these people are also known as exvangelicals. The overall movement is called “deconstruction,” meaning deconstructing one’s faith and leaving the church. Many who are “deconstructing” have spoken out about their experiences getting hurt by people inside the Church. Others have cited their rejection of biblical teaching on sexuality as the reason they are disassociating.

Max has made a living as a vocalist in bands that promote the Christian message, such as DC Talk alongside bandmates TobyMac and Michael Tait. He also sang for Audio Adrenaline. Max has been speaking out for some time about his resistance to a particular version of Christianity. In an interview in December with Decent Christian Talk podcast, Max explained where he is on his journey in deconstructing.

“I like to call it deconstruction, reconstruction,” he said. “Any person that’s really changing every day, which we do, you’re going to deconstruct or you’re going to reconstruct. So it’s a combination of both of those things,” he said. “I’ve been deconstructing for decades. I’ve always been progressing, as you can say, and then sometimes I regress. But I think where I’m at right now is I’ve really gone on a journey to find out what I truly believe in by reading a lot, thinking a lot, keeping my eyes and ears open.”

The musician has always been vocal about his thoughts online. While his comments online have been met with resistance, Max said he’s always been “a believer.”

“But I’m questioning a lot of things, and I’ve got more questions than answers,” he said. His beliefs are also reflected in his music. READ MORE

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