Sidney Powell Asked What Happens After Voter Fraud Is Exposed; Says “It Should Be That He Is Simply Reinstated, That A New Inauguration Day Is Set.”

( Exclusive) – Attorney Sidney Powell recently made an appearance at the For God and Country Rally that was held over Memorial Day Weekend in the city of Dallas, Texas, where she was asked during her on-stage discussion what would happen if several states were to overturn their 2020 presidential election results.

According to the Gateway Pundit report, Powell responded by saying, “We’re definitely in uncharted territory. There are cases where elections have been overturned. But there’s never been one at the presidential level where everybody will jump to point out. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, though. There’s always the first case. And as far as I know, this is the first case of abject fraud and obtaining a coup of the United States of America. So, it’s going to have to be dealt with. It should be that he can simply be reinstated, that a new inauguration day is set. (cheers) And Biden is told to move out of the White House. And President Trump should be moved back in.”

This, of course, is a hypothetical answer that is counting on the results of the audits in states such as Arizona and Georgia producing enough evidence to prove that the election was fraudulent.

According to another report from Gateway Pundit, the Arizona Audit War Room Twitter account recently announced that the audit in Maricopa County has hit a pretty big milestone, having counted one million ballots already.

This means that we are at the halfway mark in the audit. Leftists have been trying diligently to find some way to bring this audit to a premature end, to prevent the evidence of voter fraud from being revealed to the American people. And no doubt, hearing this thing is halfway over, that the walls are closing in fast, has to have them freaking out.

“This comes just 2 days after Audit Director Ken Bennett told us they were over 800,000 ballots completed. As you can see, the pace is increasing as they trained over 300 new volunteers last week and even more this week, ‘but the speed is not our goal, accuracy is our number one goal,’” the report said.

Audit officials took the day off on Sunday, but stated they would be back in action come Monday morning. At the current rate, they should have this whole project completed by the end of June.

Regular, every-day Americans are becoming more and more convinced this election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

A good case in point is the fact that a glorious “Trump Won” banner was spotted being draped over the balcony during a Met’s game, according to new reports.

It’s pretty clear the vast majority of regular Americans stand with the former president. Here’s to hoping this massive injustice is made right when the audits are completed.

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