Huge: PA Legislative Delegation Meets With Arizona Lawmakers To Discuss Replicating The Audit

( Exclusive) – Thanks to the brave patriots in Arizona, other states are now taking serious looks into their own 2020 election results and considering ways to get to the bottom of just how exactly Joe Biden ended up victorious.

After a long battle, the Arizona Senate Republicans have finally been successful in kicking off the most comprehensive forensic election audit ever in US history.

The Maricopa County ballots are being examined as we write this and it’s only a matter of time before the totality of fraud in Arizona is revealed. This is, of course, going on amidst fervent resistance from Democrats and their allies.

Despite leftist lawyers, activists, operatives and even Biden’s DOJ looming over the audit and threatening to make trouble wherever possible, it’s moving along as planned with over half the ballots having been examined thus far.

On Wednesday, a legislative delegation from Pennsylvania arrived in Arizona to meet with members of the Arizona Legislature to discuss election integrity in the US and take a tour of the audit facility.

Will Pennsylvania be the next to conduct such an extensive audit? As much fraud as happened in Arizona you can only imagine the shenanigans a forensic audit would uncover in the Keystone State where Joe Biden miraculously overcame an 800,000 vote deficit over President Trump.

Wednesday, PA lawmakers took a behind-the-scenes tour of the audit and met with Arizona legislators to discuss whether or not they should duplicate the process going on in Arizona right now.

It would be a massive undertaking but not one too great in order to save our Republic which is being quickly and effectively transformed and destroyed by the radical left with Joe Biden at the helm.

PA Senator Doug Mastriano posted a press release to Twitter on Wednesday which informed followers that the Arizona legislator requested the PA lawmakers to come visit. It noted that “Transparency is a must. Every citizen should be confident that their vote counts.”

It also stated that “There are ZERO taxpayer dollars being used for the trip.”

The PA lawmakers are right to be taking action and checking out what’s happening in Arizona. It’s high-time Americans got the answers to the questions they’ve had since Election Day.

Despite the lies being pushed by the media it’s obvious that something was not right in several states and that Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election.

The left knew they could steal and rig the election and every single thing that took place in 2020 was orchestrated for that purpose. Everything down to the entire COVID pandemic itself.

They might have accomplished the steal but they certainly aren’t going to get away with it. Not as long as Republican lawmakers stand in the gap and do what’s right by the American people.

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