Vice President Kamala Harris Just Got Greeted In Guatemala By Pro-Trump Protesters Saying, ‘Kamala Go Home!’ And ‘Trump Won!’

( Exclusive) – Vice President Kamala Harris flew to Guatemala over the weekend in order to have a chit-chat with their leadership about President Joe Biden’s border crisis which is causing massive migration north in this country and in Mexico.

According to Gateway Pundit, Harris is wanting to blame this northward push, along with the crisis at the southern border of the United States, on stuff like hurricanes, global warming, and true to Democrat form, Donald Trump.

Yes, that’s her legitimate reasoning for why so many people are flooding across the border into our country. And it’s probably some of the lamest buck passing ever seen in the realm of politics, which is really saying something.

Now any American who has even the slightest bit of common sense, which is quite a few of us, knows none of those issues are the real problem here. And it’s insulting for her to insinuate that’s what we all think.

The president of Guatemala really made a fool and a liar out of Harris on camera, which means we now have a diplomatic disaster concerning foreign policy, caught on video, for the whole world to see. Folks, Biden and Harris are not cut out for the jobs they hold.

Hilariously, Kamala Harris was greeted when she arrived in the country by pro-Trump protesters who were at the airport holding signs that told her to go back home and stated that Trump was the real winner of the presidential race.

And as if all that probably wasn’t embarrassing enough for our country, the fact that the president of Guatemala had to tell Harris to put on a face mask was caught on video for the whole world to see is simply the icing on the cake.

Harris held a joint press conference with President Alejandro Giammattei which is when the above mentioned incident happened. She was asked to put one on, and she did what she was told.

For months now, the Biden administration has pretended like nothing was happening at the southern border. The president and vice president have not visited the border to get a first-hand look at the crisis, nor have they taken any sort of action to put a stop to all the illegal aliens swarming across the border into our nation. The safety of our country is being compromised and neither of them seems to care.

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