President Trump Slams DOJ Over Threats To Interfere With Arizona Audit, “… They Know What Was Done”

( Exclusive) – When President Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, Democrats cried that it was rigged and that Trump won because of “Russian collusion.” We had to listen to that for years.

The FBI investigated. Congress held hearings. The House voted to impeach Trump. In the end it all turned out to be one big, giant hoax (though many of us knew that all along).

The point is, no resources were held back by the federal government in “investigating” the Trump-Russia hoax in 2016 but fast forward to 2020 and the federal government has been completely MIA in any efforts to investigate the myriad of credible and evidence-backed allegations of fraud from the election.

Until now that is.

Corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Friday that he and his team of Justice Department thugs plan to investigate anyone they see fit in connection with post-election audits that have started in Arizona and are sure to sweep across the country soon.

Essentially, the DOJ is attempting to threaten and intimidate American patriots who are doing what they refuse to do themselves. Perhaps no one has informed Garland that federal elections are under the jurisdiction of the states.

President Trump didn’t take too kindly to Garland’s announcement and put out an announcement of his own Sunday.

Trump noted that Garland said the DOJ would be expanding their staff “in order to fight against efforts to limit voting and, I assume, other illegal voting acts.” Of course, we all know this is just a sham.

The Democrats’ favorite talking point since the election has been that Republicans are trying to suppress voters, especially minorities, with laws that make it more difficult for these groups to vote.

Their argument itself is inherently racist and the reality is that the laws Republicans have been passing only make elections more secure while restricting no one from voting. The DOJ should be fully behind these efforts, instead they’re too busy protecting the stolen 2020 election.

Trump said based on Garland’s statement, the DOJ should be investigating the fraudulent 2020 election, saying, “it would seem the DOJ has no choice but to look at the massive voter fraud which took place in certain Swing States, and I assume elsewhere, during the 2020 Presidential Election Scam.”

He went on to highlight the damage done by the fraudulent Biden regime, “Just look at what has happened to our Country, our Borders, our Economy, Inflation, and more in the last five months, and it will only get worse.”

“If there is going to be honor and greatness for America,” he continued, “the voting irregularities and fraud of that election must be brought to light, immediately, otherwise, we have no Country, certainly not a great one!”

He then lambasted Biden and his corrupt DOJ and said the attempt by this regime “to suppress the accountability of a dishonest election” cannot be allowed to stand.

“That cannot be allowed to happen, nor can the events of the Presidential Election. They want to cancel anything having to do with the result of that election because they know what was done.”

They do know what was done, indeed. Their efforts to stop and impede the audits are just further proof of this truth.

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