After 20 States Have Visited Historic Arizona Audit, “This Is Just The Beginning!”

( Exclusive) – Time really flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re performing a historic, ground-breaking audit that has the potential to blow the entire lid off the fraudulent 2020 US presidential election.

This is expected to be the last week of the Arizona audit before moving on from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. Fortunately, nearly half of the states in the US have made the trip to tour the operation with many considering it to be the “gold standard” for forensic election audits, according to a Sunday tweet from Audit War Room.

This is, indeed, just the beginning as more and more states have taken an interest in the audit and performing similar audits themselves.

Georgia and Pennsylvania, two of the most controversial key states, are possibly on track to kick off their own audits as soon as July.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward added her own tweet to Audit War Room’s tweet Sunday, saying that “Voter confidence will be restored through #ElectionIntegrity.”

Ward is certainly right. If Americans’ confidence in US elections is to ever be repaired and restored it will only be through transparency and unprecedented state audits like Arizona’s.

Naturally, Democrats and their cohorts have been vehemently fighting against these audits and their media lapdog allies have been telling nonstop lies regarding the Arizona audit and Republicans’ efforts to get to the truth.

On Friday, Ward shared an update from the audit and called out the lying media and gave the truth about the audit.

She noted that the paper examination portion of the audit should be wrapping up by the end of this week and said that the “naysayers” are “still out in full force.”

“Just a reminder, these are the same folks that tried to tell us that the COVID-19 virus did not come from a lab in Wuhan, China, that the Park Police used tear gas to clear Lafayette Square for President Trump, and that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing to see here on Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

She further contended that now all of those stories are “viewed differently” as the truth has come out and the media and the left could no longer continue to blatantly lie and ignore it.

She vowed, “we’re gonna find out the truth about the 2020 election in Maricopa County.”

Ward went on to explain that while Democrats, and even Biden’s corrupt DOJ, have lied and expressed concerns over the security measures being taken during the audit, those with backgrounds in law enforcement and security who have visited the audit are of a completely different opinion.

“In case you missed it, former New York City Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, who was in charge of the NYPD when Rudy Giuliani was America’s mayor, did a tour of the audit site. As an expert on security, he was extremely impressed by the measures being taken by the audit team.”

She added, “Kerik compared the steps that are taken at the audit facility to what you might see on a casino floor, which are you know they’re widely regarded as among the most secure locations in the world. Yes they are. Sometimes it is good to listen to real experts rather than the media’s self appointed pretend experts, but that could be a long topic all by itself.”

The audit in Arizona is within the state’s right to perform and all the lies and intimidation coming from the left are just tactics to bring it to a stop. It won’t work, however. The truth will prevail.

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