Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Concealed Ballot Tampering From Judge – “We Are Discussing What To Do With It”

( Exclusive) – On Tuesday night, Real Clear Investigations dropped a bombshell report claiming that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staff secretly unsealed a box of mail-in ballots that were previously reported by election witnesses as being “pristine.”

In sworn affidavits, election workers involved with the hand recount in Georgia back in November claimed there were some mail-in ballots that were devoid of the expected folds and creases that mail-in ballots should have.

They claimed that these ballots not only did not have any folds but appeared to have been run through a photocopy machine.

Now Real Clear Investigations is reporting that Raffensperger’s office went and found this box of suspicious ballots, unsealed it and supposedly “investigated” the allegations.

There’s just a few problems. One, Raffensperger’s office never released any information on their findings to the public. One has to wonder what they were really doing with that box of ballots.

Two, a judge had previously issued a protective order on the ballots back in January, meaning no one, not even Raffensperger and state officials, were legally allowed to touch them.

In March, a Georgia judge ruled that Garland Favorito and his nonpartisan, non-profit, all-volunteer election integrity group VoterGA could have access to the ballots and would be permitted to unseal the Fulton County Georgia ballots and inspect them for invalid votes.

In April, however, Raffensperger petitioned the court to keep the Fulton County ballots sealed.

At the time, Favorito accused Raffensperger of being in “cover-up mode” but Raffensperger’s corrupt behavior was even worse than Favorito originally thought at that time.

Now we know, thanks to the Real Clear Investigations report, that Raffensperger and his cohorts defied court orders and went ahead and accessed the ballots, potentially tampering with them and hiding valuable evidence.

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Favorito about Real Clear Investigation’s bombshell report.

Favorito expressed to Hoft that he was not surprised at all by the report and said they “had been aware of this for a long time.”

“Let me clarify, we have been aware that they had claimed that they had done that.”

Favorito said that Raffensperger’s office must have unsealed the box of ballots after they spoke with Suzi Voyles on January 7th.

“It sounds like they are admitting that they tampered with the ballots in violation of Georgia law.”

He then asserted that he and his team are “discussing what to do with it,” regarding the latest development.

He added, “we haven’t decided what action should be taken… I would think that the judge would want to know that they concealed this activity from him, when they submitted their amicus brief in our case… That was around the middle of May.”

Hoft asked, “They hid that from the judge that they tampered with some of the ballots after they were told not to. That sounds like a very big deal to me.”

Favorito responded, “Yeah, I thought it was a very big deal.”

It certainly does sound like a “very big deal” and one that needs to be addressed in court. Raffensperger and his office are not above the law but they don’t seem to know that.

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