America’s Birthday on Sunday This Year! Resurrecting the Nation’s Founding Principles

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Surge Summary: Independence Day is being celebrated on a Sunday this year – reminding us the founding principles that made America great need to be resurrected if the nation is to be set back on track.

by Rev, Jim Hodges

The 245th birthday of our nation is celebrated this year on Sunday, July 4. For you and me, Sundays are celebrations of the resurrection of our King! I know Easter is annually recognized, but the early followers of Jesus celebrated every Sunday that Christ was risen and reigning!

On the birthday of our nation, we need a resurrection! Many are now praying for a resurrection of the vision and worldview of our founding fathers. Although they had some flaws, like all human beings, they essentially embraced a basic Judeo-Christian perspective of reality. The Christian faith of our first president, George Washington, declared through public documents, cannot be mistaken by honest observers. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were followers of Jesus and the basic tenets of the Gospel were believed among them. (See and read David Barton’s excellent materials about the founders)

Why is this urgently important at this moment? Short answer: because there are forces who want to erase our history and destroy our country! Mark it down — these forces are functioning by a spirit of anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-life, anti-gender reality, anti-nuclear family, anti-church, and anti-nationhood. Their demonic prevarications are promulgated by the “isms” — Marxism, leftism, progressivism, and racism. For example, the Lord God of heaven and earth is not into isms: God opposes communism, but He is into community.

We, the Ekklesia Church, decree that America will be saved and fulfill its divine destiny! It’s resurrection time — again!

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