REVEALED: Identity Of Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Confirmed. Capitol Police Lieutenant Is Being Protected By Deep State, FBI And Pelosi

( Exclusive) – Ashli Babbitt’s husband, Aaron, along with family attorney Terrell Roberts made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program back in mid-June where they discussed all of the challenges they have faced trying to get information about her death or the identity of the government-employed individual who killed her.

According to Gateway Pundit, during their discussion Tucker Carlson asked Roberts about reports that the person who shot Babbitt had also left his loaded gun in the U.S. Capitol restroom.

“Mr. Roberts, let me ask you, there are reports online, that’s incredible I don’t know if they’re true, that the Capitol Hill police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, I’m not going to mention the name, was the same officer that left his loaded handgun in a public men’s room on the Capitol. Do you believe that is the officer, it seems like a very reckless person, who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6th?” Carlson asked.

“That’s my belief. That’s my belief,” Roberts answered.

You can see the discussion in the video clip below:

The GP report goes on to reveal that one of their readers, known as “Michael” sent the publication a final piece of the puzzle to identify Ashli Babbitt’s killer.

According to this source, the name of Babbitt’s shooter is Lt. Michael Byrd (screen shot here). He’s the individual who left his weapon inside the building on Capitol Hill back in 2019.

Roll Call published a report about Byrd back when this particular incident occurred.

“A U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant left his service weapon in a bathroom Monday night and the unattended gun was discovered later by another Capitol Police officer,” the report says, adding, “After the House adjourned on Monday, Lt. Mike Byrd left his Glock 22 in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center complex, according to sources familiar with the incident. Byrd is the commander of the House Chambers section of the Capitol Police and was on the job Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Why was this man still on the police force after making such a horrendous mistake? That kind of incompetence in a law enforcement officer’s career should result in termination.

Byrd’s name is being withheld from Babbitt’s attorneys as Democrats, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others attempt to cover for this man.

This is the same man who can be seen in a photograph pointing his service weapon at his own colleagues. Just about every possible gun safety rule you can think of is broken by Byrd in the picture. He has his finger wrapped around the trigger while aiming the weapon at others. This fellow is not too bright, folks.

In pictures (here, here, here, here and here) you can see that the officer is sporting the same tie, insignia, and handkerchief.

Here is the officer’s statement (screen shots here and here) regarding the killing of Ashli Babbitt.

The officer contradicted himself (screen shot here) several times in his statement. If the shooter is telling the truth about not being able to see his colleagues, then he’s lying about Babbitt’s backpack compounding his fear, as he cannot see what she has in the bag.

This statement is from Mark Schamel, the attorney who is defending the shooter.

“If he’s not cleared, we don’t have a country we want to live in anymore,” Schamel said.

And, thanks to information found in another recently published Gateway Pundit report, there is even more proof that Byrd is the shooter.

A video sent to GP on Gab by William Hall features a Capitol Hill Sergeant At Arms, Timothy Blodgett, accidentally confirming during testimony that Byrd is the one who killed Babbitt. He actually named Byrd in his testimony.

“We’re in close contact. The situation where you discussed where officer Byrd was at the door when Miss Babbitt was shot. It was our sergeant at arms employee who rendered the aid to her,” Blodgett said.

Democrats, along with Pelosi and the FBI Deep State, are all trying to keep Byrd’s name protected and from being released to the public. They are doing everything in their power to ensure this man does not have to face any consequences for his action.

This is deplorable. Truly.

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