President Trump: Latest News From Georgia “Beyond Incredible” – “We Will Lose Our Country If This Is Allowed To Stand”

( Exclusive) – Millions of us already know that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president of the United States and that his regime is fraudulent. We all know that he is nothing more than a puppet for the radical left and we all know the darker truth that if nothing is done to stop this regime, the US will be forever transformed and lost for good.

While the Trump campaign and others who supported him after the stolen election, filed around 100 lawsuits challenging the fraudulent results, almost none were considered on merits but were instead chucked out by court after court citing nonsense technicalities.

This, of course, allowed for the establishment media lapdogs to claim that the fraud allegations were “proven” to be untrue by courts. This was not the case at all and now actual hard evidence is piling up proving what millions of us have known: Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.

The 2020 election was a farce. Investigations and audits are proving it beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Gateway Pundit posted an announcement from VoterGA which is charging that evidence “from public records” has revealed Fulton County’s hand count audit was “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”

This latest allegation comes after VoterGA’s review of mail-in ballot images that a judge ordered the county hand over to them.

“The team’s analysis revealed that 923 of 1439 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes incorrectly reported in Fulton’s official November 3rd 2020 results,” the report said. “These inaccuracies are due to discrepancies in votes for Donald Trump, Joe Biden and total votes cast compared to their reported audit totals for respective batches. Thus, the error reporting rate in Fulton’s hand count audit is a whopping 60%.”

That’s no small number and certainly no small discrepancy. When you consider Biden’s victory hinges on the controversial victories in six swing states all with small margins of only a few thousand, all of the fraudulent activity adds up quickly.

VoterGA reported, “One type of error discovered involved duplicate results reporting for batches of ballots. The team found at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots with 4,255 total extra votes were redundantly added into Fulton Co. audit results for the November election. These illicit votes include 3,390 extra votes for Joe Biden, 865 extra votes for Donald Trump and 43 extra votes for Jo Jorgenson.”

In addition to that, the VoterGA team also discovered 7 falsified audit tally sheets containing made-up vote totals. One batch, for example, contained 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden, 42 for Trump and 1 for Jo Jorgenson but was reported as containing 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump.

Sure, nothing to see here.

Not only that but Fulton County is still refusing to provide drop box transfer forms for thousands of ballots that would provide legally required chain of custody proof.

President Trump issued a statement in regards to the latest news out of Georgia which seems to be undeniable evidence that the election was, indeed, stolen.

“The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box—and got caught. We will lose our country if this is allowed to stand,” President Trump said.

He is certainly right. The Biden regime is on an express track to destroy the US. If nothing is done and the fraudulent election is allowed to stand, we may not have a country left in 2024 for Trump to save.

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