IT WAS ALL A BIG LIE: Congress Was Evacuated On Jan. 6 Due To Pipe Bomb Threat — Not “Insurrection”

( Exclusive) – It’s so ironic for Democrats to continue claiming that President Trump has been pushing the “big lie” about the election when nearly everything that comes out of their mouths are easily disprovable lies.

Just the fact that they say there was no fraud during the 2020 election is, as we all know, the biggest lie they’ve been telling but along with that are all the lies about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

There’s good reason to believe that the entire ordeal was actually staged and instigated by the corrupt Deep State FBI with the purpose of criminalizing Trump and his supporters.

Aside from that, they’ve been pushing the narrative that Congress had to be evacuated from the Capitol because of the supposedly violent “insurrection.” Turns out, that’s been one big lie too.

In fact, the Washington Examiner revealed the real reason why Congress was evacuated back in February but Democrats have been sticking with their story.

It turns out that Congress was evacuated on Jan. 6 because a pipe bomb was found outside the RNC, not because of Trump supporters aimlessly wandering around the halls.

Amazingly, with all the security cameras around the Capitol, the culprit has never been found and arrested. Just another doing of the Deep State.

Back in February, the Washington Examiner reported that the “discovery of a pipe bomb outside the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington on Jan. 6 prompted police to evacuate two congressional buildings, not, as was believed, the attack on the US Capitol.”

According to the outlet, Capitol Police learned of two pipe bombs on Capitol Hill “around the same time” as the supposed insurrection and that Capitol Police “responded to one bomb discovery by an RNC staff member at the organization’s office, just a few blocks from the Capitol.”

The other pipe bomb was investigated by Metro Police officers which was spotted outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

Because both departments had been called to investigate the pipe bombs, their ability to secure the Capitol building was apparently hindered, therefore, the US Capitol was evacuated.

“That resulted in the evacuation of two congressional buildings, the Cannon House Office Building, as well as one of the Library of Congress buildings. So it took extensive resources,” then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said in a joint hearing before the Senate Rules Committee and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee back in February.

“So the assault on the Capitol is not what caused the evacuations of those buildings? The discovery of those pipe bombs is what caused the evacuations of those?” asked Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford.

“That is correct,” said Sund.

Well would you look at that. The truth. Right there, plain as day, for everyone to see. Yet Democrats have continued to push the fake narrative that Congress was evacuated and had to run for their lives because of the violent “insurrection.”

The left truly has no shame.

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