JUST IN: Wisconsin GOP Rep. Now Calling For Forensic Audit Procedures To Be Added To Scope Of State Audit After Seeing Results In AZ And GA

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Republican congressman Timothy Ramthun has now issued a call for a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election results in the state of Wisconsin. It seems that as more and more revelations concerning mail-in ballots coming from a forensic audit held in the state of Arizona come to light, the more other states in the country want to jump on board the train for an audit of their own.

A new report from Gateway Pundit, “We’ve been consistent in our messaging towards Wisconsin – 1. there was massive fraud committed in your state – the 100,000+ ballots dropped in the middle of the night all for Joe Biden were not valid. 2. the current audits listed by the state are not going to cut the butter.”

What’s unfortunate for the folks who call Wisconsin home is that their House leader is actually more committed to his best buddies Ryan and Priebus than he is to them, despite them being his boss.

Thankfully, Rep. Ramthun is stepping up to the plate and doing the work that the House leader is failing to do thanks to his allegiance to the party over principles.

“After reviewing the information released from both the Fulton County audit in Georgia and today’s Arizona Senate hearing on the Maricopa County audit, I am formally requesting a more comprehensive audit from former Justice Michael J. Gableman and the Legislative Audit Bureau into the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin,” Ramthun said in a statement that followed the mind-blowing revelations from Arizona’s audit hearing last Thursday.

“It is vital to our democratic process that the Wisconsin Legislature acknowledges the alarming information that threatens the very fabric of our society. In order to preserve our God-given rights and ensure that citizens can have confidence in the integrity of our elections, I am requesting it be added to the scope of the Wisconsin audit to:” He said.

It’s time to wake up, folks. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that they helped the Democrats and other radical left-wing individuals perpetrated the largest voter fraud scheme in our nation’s history, so they will do whatever it takes to bury it.

Unfortunately for them, the vast majority of American citizens still believe in individual rights and liberties. We won’t sit idly by and allow them to get away with their crimes. They will be held accountable. Somehow. Some way.

Back on December 11, 2020, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos ordered the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to take some time and review the statewide election due to concerns about a massive midnight drop of ballots that were all for Joe Biden.

“I am directing the committee to use its investigatory powers under Wisconsin SS 13.31 to immediately review how the election was administered. With concerns surfacing about mail-In ballot dumps and voter fraud, Wisconsin citizens deserve to know their vote counted,” Vos went on to say in a prepared statement released at the time. “There should be no question as to whether the vote was fair and legitimate, and there must be absolute certainty that the impending recount finds any and all irregularities.”

If you think back to the November election, President Donald Trump was smashing Biden to pieces in the state of Wisconsin. Then, all of a sudden, the state decided to stop counting ballots. Not long after Fox News called Arizona for Biden, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, all stopped counting votes.

And out of nowhere, there was a huge dump of ballots, over 100,000, in Milwaukee during the night, all of which were for Joe Biden.

“New election fraud whistleblowers came forward on Tuesday, including one who witnessed the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines on October 21,” a GP report noted.

“Evidence provided by the whistleblowers is being used in litigation by the Amistad Project to ensure election integrity and to uphold election laws in key battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin,” the report continued.

So why doesn’t Vos want there to be a forensic audit of the ballots counted in Wisconsin during the 2020 election? Why is he no longer standing up for the Constitution and the rights of the constituents who put him in office?

Because he wants to prove how loyal he is to Rence Priebus, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney, all three of which are not fans of Trump and are much more known for their RINO status. Priebus was roommates with Voas and Andy Speth, who later became Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, during their college years.

They and a few more of their friends were known as the “Whitewater Mafia.”

“Priebus probably hated President Trump for some time but he really hated Trump after being removed from the White House. This was after Priebus contaminated the Trump White House with a bunch of Never-Trumpers like himself,” GP said.

“Paul Ryan hated President Trump for some time. He stabbed him in the back before and after the 2016 election. He blocked President Trump’s bill to make America great again. He hates President Trump,” the report added.

All of the posturing Vos did early on about looking into the election over fears of fraud was nothing more than a head fake. It was meant to make it look like he actually cared about election integrity.

The reality, however, is that he doesn’t care at all.

“Then in March, the Wisconsin Assembly ordered an audit of the results in Wisconsin – to be performed by the state auditors. But this will never catch the fraud. To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes. The state auditors are grossly unqualified to do what was done in Arizona,” the GP report said.

“Then Speaker Vos announced he’s hiring three retired cops to look into the 2020 Election. They too will never address the fraud in the 2020 Election. To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes,” the report noted.

The only way you can get to the bottom of voter fraud is through a forensic audit, like the one being conducted in the state of Arizona.

But instead, Vos then announced he would be hiring a former Supreme Court justice in the state of Wisconsin to oversee an audit of some kind in the state. Again, the only way to find voter fraud for sure is through the use of a forensic audit.

We deserve to know the truth.

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