REVEALED: Pentagon Using Obama & Soros-Linked Contractor To Remove “White Supremacists” From The Military

( Exclusive) – New reports from Infowars say that the Pentagon has now joined forces with a tech company located in Britain to help find out which bases in the U.S. military have the highest percentage of troops who are searching for what they call “extremist content” online.

Folks, no matter how you look at it, this is a clear attempt to wipe out conservatives from the military so that only leftists remain in their ranks in order to create an army that will carry out orders from progressives.

“The tech startup, Moonshot CVE, is affiliated with the Obama Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and is funded by Google, Facebook and Twitter among others,” the report says.

“Originally created to track ISIS terrorists, Moonshot is now being called on by the U.S. Defense Department to track American military members,” it continues, adding, “The method the company uses was created in partnership with Google’s Jigsaw, which is an organization dedicated to ‘countering extremism.’”

The Jigsaw company was created by Google CEO Eric Schmidt and it is currently headed up by former U.S. State Department official Jarred Cohen.

“When we look at bases for each branch as compared to national averages, there is disproportionately low engagement on most bases. Some branches have higher levels of engagement with anti-Black extremism or anti-Semitic conspiracy theories…But we’re not seeing really heightened levels of engagement that are incredibly worrying,” Moonshot founder Vidhya Ramalingam went on to say.

“Ramalingam does say the data given to the Pentagon has been anonymized and can’t be tied to specific people, but will instead highlight which bases and branches are searching for content Biden’s new “woke” military deems inappropriate,” the report says.

So what are the search terms that Moonshot has labeled as being “racist” or “extremist?” How about the phrase “the truth about Black Lives Matter.”

Now, the strange thing here is that a potential supporter of BLM could be looking for information about the movement in order to better understand the group’s background, yet the government will consider that individual as an extremist.

What’s basically happening here is that the White House, under Joe Biden, is trying to make it so all Trump supporters are essentially labeled domestic terrorists and boot them from the military and law enforcement positions.

Again, this will be done so that there will not be any resistance from the inside as they continue to push their agenda of radically transforming the country.

Mike Berry, a man who is the general counsel for First Liberty Institute and a Marine Corp reservist spoke with Breitbart and stated that he asked an adviser to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s CEWG about how they planned to redefine the term “extremism.”

Berry stated they told him that, “‘We’re still working on that, we’ll probably take the existing definition and expand it.’”

“The existing definition — which has been around for years and has developed really through a law enforcement perspective — it seems to be pretty adequate,” Berry explained. “It sufficiently captures what needs to be captured. And if they want to expand it, they’re really going to expand it to things that have been traditionally protected by the Constitution.”

“I just don’t know how you can reconcile the Constitution with trying to criminalize someone’s thoughts and beliefs,” he continued.

Folks, this is super disturbing. Make sure you pass around the information to your family and friends so they can know the truth about what’s happening in our country.

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