WATCH: Creepy Joe Biden Grabs Young Girl, Then Whispers In Her Ear During Bill Signing At The White House

( Exclusive) – It seems that whenever Joe Biden and a young girl are in the same room together, the temptation to fondle her and paw at her while whispering creepily into her ear is a temptation that he just can’t resist.

A report from Gateway Pundit reveals that Biden announced on Thursday that he will be awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the police officers who defended the Capitol during the siege on January 6th.

Biden then did what he does second best, which is lie through his teeth, stating there were two officers who were killed that day. He then invited the children of the officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6th up to the bill signing.

Joe Biden then motioned for the kids to come to him, aggressively pulling a little girl up against his own body and whispering in her ear. He’s a true creeper, folks. When this guy comes around, you better hide every female within a three mile radius.

The little girl appeared to be very uncomfortable with the way Biden was touching her.

Another little girl that was seemingly harassed by Biden came forward and admitted that the man groped her and pinched her nipple when she was younger (screen shot here).

There was a video taken back in 2015 when then-Vice President Joe Biden can be seen groping Sen. Steve Daines’ niece on C-Span while he met with his family for his swearing-in ceremony.

“The girl, Maria Piacesi who was only eight years old at the time, was filmed standing in front of then Vice President Biden as he ran his hands up and down her upper body,” the report says.

“Six years later, Maria Piacesi is finally speaking out. Citizen journalist Jonathan Pasetti recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with Maria Piacesi on social media app Tik Tok where she admits that President Joe Biden pinched her nipple. The teenager has since deleted her comments however the screenshots still exist,” the report continued.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” Pasetti went on to ask Piacesi on Tik Tok.

She answered, “Yes.”

What’s aggravating here is that the left will no doubt ignore this harassment from Biden simply because he’s a man on the left. If he were a conservative, the calls for his resignation, impeachment, and imprisonment would be blasted all over the mainstream media.

Guess all that #MeToo business didn’t really mean that much to them after all.

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