BOMBSHELL: Expert Cyber Team Confirms Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – One of the big events coming up in the fight for election integrity is MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s highly talked about Cyber Symposium that is scheduled for August 10-12, in the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Lindell himself has put out a massive monetary reward for anyone who can come forward and disprove his claims about the 2020 presidential election.

According to Gateway Pundit, Lindell has provided more than a few videos where he makes the claim that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump, noting that the method that was employed to carry out this scheme was done overseas on voting system machines in key battleground states.

“Today we have explosive information that proves US election machines can be altered from overseas. An expert cyber team has proven that you can change votes in US election systems from overseas and ultimately alter election results. The team was even able to alter the dates on the data entries made overseas in a location in Asia to cover up their activities,” the report says.

It seems this team has now proven that votes can indeed be altered from overseas. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“First, we must explain a few items. The election process begins with a ballot being filled out by an individual at the local library or similar type of polling location. The ballots are entered into tabulation machines after votes are selected by a voter. At the end of the day, all the votes in that location are summarized and a printout from the machine and memory cards are produced showing the results from that location. These results are carried to another location like the county seat where these votes are further consolidated in an EMS machine. This is where an attack of an election could occur where the votes could be flipped,” GP explains.

It’s also critical to point out that the EMS devices feature network cards and server modems that allow for them to have access to the internet. This means that changes can be made through the internet.

“This is also why individuals involved in election steals do not want to review the hard copies of election results – the ballots. There is no functionality in the voting machines that prevent ballots from being tabulated numerous times like was observed in Fulton County Georgia on Election night. Because of this, election fraud is more likely committed at the local level. Tabulators can be set at the machine level and in most cases, the election sites are no longer managed by the state but rather by individuals from voting systems companies,” the report continues.

Any voter fraud that’s committed through EMS devices could be identified through recounts performed of the ballots at the locations where they were cast. This is the main reason that the audit happening in the state of Arizona is so important.

Adjustments that were made through machines or through running the same ballots through counting machines over and over again can be identified through the process of a forensic audit. And we fully expect the results from the Maricopa County audit to reflect.

“Even though it has been proven that votes can be changed overseas in locations in the US, it is basically impossible to prove this without performing forensic audits. The reason for this is because of ‘chain of custody,’” the report adds.

“If individual packets were obtained that were related to vote changes in the US initiated overseas, these packets would have to be protected and any and all movement or changes in custody of this data would have to be managed. This would be almost impossible to maintain at a level that could be used in a court of law. This is the ultimate challenge to Absolute Proof,” the story says.

So the bottom line here is that there is indeed evidence that proves votes that are cast in the U.S. election can be changed from overseas. These tampered votes cannot be identified without a forensic audit of all the ballots cast in that particular election.

As you can probably guess by now, this information is making liberals in government and in the mainstream media squirm. Unfortunately, the reach of progressives goes beyond major networks like MSNBC and CNN. There is now a very leftward lean at Fox News, something that is evidenced by their current treatment of Mike Lindell.

Lindell recently ripped into Fox News and then made the announcement that CNN would end up likely airing advertisements for his upcoming event.

The MyPillow CEO and founder recently sat down with War Room host Steve Bannon where discussed pulling his ads for his products from Fox News after they refused to air ads promoting the symposium.

“During the segment, Mike Lindell announced that his ads have “passed the first approval” at CNN. Lindell added that CNN has never denied his ads. So it appears that CNN will air his ads but FOX News will not air the ads,” the report said.

Lindell then heaped praise on Newsmax for actually providing coverage of the Trump rallies and for running his ads.

“Has anybody ever thought it would come to this in the United States? Where one of your biggest news outlets, FOX News, is supposed to be conservative or whatever, completely turns on the American people? Let’s not report the news. Let’s just keep talking about the weather. They should just be a weather channel,” Lindell stated.

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