Fauci’s SICK Past Uncovered. WARNING: It’s Gross

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Well, you probably don’t need another reason to dislike Dr. Anthony Fauci, due to all of the missteps he’s taken during the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the evidence piling up that he likely funded the same lab that created and allowed the virus out in the public, but we have more you can put on the list.

Apparently, new documentation has surfaced that shows the NIAID, the organization that Fauci runs, spent close to half a million dollars, money from taxpayers, to help pay for experiments carried out on dogs, despite the fact the research had already been done.

According to Gateway Pundit, “The White Coat Waste Project used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover disturbing documents that detailed how Fauci and the NIAID, in an effort to test the effectiveness of drug treatment, intentionally infested healthy beagles with flies that were carrying disease-causing parasites.”

“The records detail how the once-healthy dogs ‘vocalized in pain’ throughout the abuse and suffered for months before being euthanized, some were even bitten to death by the parasites,” the report continues.

Here’s where things get very disturbing. If the dogs endured the tests and the researchers no longer had use for the animals, they killed them.

“Multiple other scientists have admitted that the experiment was completely unnecessary, pointing to the fact that this research had been extensively performed on other animals,” the report added.

So Fauci not only abused these poor animals and then senselessly murdered them, but he also wasted $400,000 in taxpayer dollars along with it. This man is not right in the head, folks. Not at all.

The White Coast Waste Project made an appearance on Fox News to talk about the discoveries they made in their FOIA request:

“Justin Goodman, a WCW Project vice president, told Domenech that the testing was likely a case of “not following the science”, adding that the FDA reportedly has said testing on canines isn’t always compatible to human-drug interactions,” the report said.

“The EPA and the VA have ended dog testing,” he went on to say.

Lara Logan, host of Fox Nation, and a dog owner who had her own pet, Honey, seated on her lap.

“We know these things happen, but should they be happening with taxpayer money? Dr. Fauci is increasingly becoming Dr. Evil. Over and over again, the decisions that he made that have just destroyed millions of lives all over the world are becoming more apparent by day,” Logan said.

“We still don’t know so much about what he’s doing. We don’t know what they’re doing at the NIH with animals. We don’t know what research they’re funding with gain of function,” the host stated.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve found out about some of the unethical and abusive experiments carried out under Fauci’s watch. Back in 2016, WCW revealed that the NIH was actually funding some similar experiments where they bought beagle puppies and strapped capsules of infected flies to their skin (screen shot here).

“The group also exposed how Fauci’s 2021 taxpayer-funded budget for conducting his ‘research’ is $6 billion, and that “roughly half,” and likely more, will be used for experimenting on animals,” the report continued.

Let’s not forget that extremely disturbing experiment where Fauci had his people grafting human fetus cells on living mice.

How is this man allowed to do this stuff? It’s sickening to say the least. Someone who can harm animals like this has no value for life. Imagine how little he really cares about human life?

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