BOMBSHELL: AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Issues Powerful Election Audit Demand

( Exclusive) – Arizona State Senators Wendy Rogers and Sonny Borrelli along with Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, who’s running for Secretary of State, took the stage last Thursday at Mike Lindell’s election integrity cyber symposium.

They spoke on the historic election audit that is soon to conclude in Arizona and afterwards, the Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson did an interview with Sen. Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers.

During their interview, Rogers declared that she isn’t just fighting for election integrity in Arizona but the whole country.

Conradson asked Rogers what her thoughts were on the cyber symposium. Rogers said that one remarkable thing about the event was that “every state” sent either a representative or a senator and that gave them the ability to get to know one another.

She said they “realized as a group together, that we have the plenary power given to us by the U.S. Constitution to oversee the presidential election, and as such, We are now united as state legislatures to go forward, to find the truth of what happened in 2020, so that we can restore election integrity for 2022.”

Rogers is absolutely right. We need to find the truth about the 2020 election. Whether or not there will be any way to right the wrongs of that election, it’s imperative that Americans’ trust in our election processes be restored and the only way to accomplish that is by finding out what really happened and doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again.

Nobody with a working brain actually believes Joe Biden won 81 million votes and now state legislatures have the responsibility and the duty to the American people to dig into it and figure out exactly what went wrong. Especially given the fact that the Biden regime has been destroying America from day one.

Conradson asked Rogers what her next step was going to be to which she responded that she plans to go around the US to encourage and support other states to initiate audits like the one in Arizona.

“Well, we are trying to be an inspiration to other states because of our Arizona audit, and of course, we have three or four weeks to go before we find out the final results and the findings from that. In the meantime, I am traveling across the country to encourage other states to do one, because honestly, folks, every county that had machines, involved in the election process needs to be audited and we all are in agreement on that.”

Conradson pointed out that as a state senator it isn’t her responsibility to go around to other states to influence their legislatures and asked why Rogers is doing it.

“Because I took an oath, Jordan, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic that is a national oath. Yes, I am an Arizona State Senator but first and foremost, I am a United States citizen and as such I am here to protect the very fundamental underpinning of our Republic, which is the integrity of the vote.”

Wendy Rogers is a fighter. She fought in the military and is now fighting as a civilian for the freedoms and rights of Americans all across this country.

Her next stop will be Pennsylvania where she plans to attend an audit the vote rally on Tuesday.

If anything, the cyber symposium served as a state convention to get elected representatives from shore to shore the opportunity to get together and formulate a plan to get to the bottom of the crooked and stolen 2020 election.

Thank God for patriots like Wendy Rogers. Let’s hope more states get the audit ball rolling now!

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