Obama Variant: 60+ Test Positive On Martha’s Vineyard Maskless Birthday Weekend — Half Of New Cases Are Fully Vaccinated

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The ultra sophisticated and swanky “Obama Variant” is spreading through Martha’s Vineyard like wildfire. In the wake of Obama’s massive birthday bash, where no masks were worn by the nearly 400 elite guests who attended, at least 63 people have tested positive for COVID on the island.

Don’t call it a “super spreader” event though. Obama and his elite friends are far more classy, sophisticated and educated than the rest of us. The American people have no right to criticize the celebrated savior of the radical left.

Only events that are primarily attended by conservatives and/or Trump supporters are capable of turning into “super spreader” events. You know, like Sturgis. Had President Trump been invited to Obama’s fancy birthday celebration, however, it likely would have become a “super spreader” event. Funny how that works.

According to an exclusive report by the Daily Mail, Obama’s weekend-long birthday bash has led to a spike in COVID cases in Martha’s Vineyard but don’t blame the elites!

During the week after the big birthday weekend, cases increased daily. On Sunday, 6 people tested positive, 7 on Monday, 10 Tuesday, 13 Wednesday and 18 on Thursday. This was the most positive tests seen in Martha’s Vineyard in a week since April.

What’s more is that nearly half the positive cases were individuals who are fully vaccinated.

The Obama’s pretended to be concerned about COVID and the new variants with their announcement that they had hired a “coronavirus coordinator” and planned to test all guests. They even proclaimed they would be scaling back the party and only having close family and friends attend.

Yet, hundreds came from all around the world to the small island town to attend the opulent and “sophisticated” event.

The DailyMail reported, “despite the ex-president’s insistence that he had disinvited everyone but his family and close friends, 300 to 400 people showed up to his party, everyone from Jay Z and Beyoncé to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, a staffer working the event told DailyMail.com.”

The outlet also reported that “many of the guests flew in by private jet and stayed in Edgartown, the center of the island’s COVID resurgence.”

Saturday’s mega birthday party wasn’t the only time these progressive elite hypocrites gathered together with complete disregard for the virus that they expect the rest of America to cower in fear from.

Many guests arrived on Thursday to attend a dinner at the Barn Bowl & Bistro. The remaining guests came Friday and got together for a large kick-off event at the high-end Winnetu Oceanside Resort. After Saturday’s event, the weekend closed out with a gathering on Sunday at Beach Road restaurant where guests mingled under a custom built marquee.

While Obama and the world’s elites partied it up all weekend long, mask mandates were reinstated at many bars and restaurants throughout Martha’s Vineyard for the lowly, little people.

“Rules for thee but not for me.”

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