Biden on American Evacuees: “F** Them. If they die, we’ll blame Trump.”

As Kabul fell to the Taliban, the puppet Biden regime experienced its worse crisis to date: How to contend with a U.S. military that has largely divorced itself from a criminal U.S. government masquerading as a legitimate government body.  And when Biden—or the actor portraying him—sought Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s advice in matters involving the deteriorating crisis in Afghanistan, a powerless Austin conceded he had no control over the military and no answer on how to exfiltrate American citizens trapped behind enemy lines.

“Oh, well, fuck them. If they die, we’ll blame Trump,” Biden said of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

The ubiquitous “blame Trump” trope is an excuse the Deep State employs whenever it sees diminishing returns on its stranglehold on the citizenry. And Biden’s failure to safeguard American lives drew sharp criticism from his media and political allies, so much so that Nancy Pelosi has begged Democrat lawmakers to “stand behind Biden,” to prevent an exodus of Deep State support.

As the Taliban retook province after province and American dominance in the region waned, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reached out to his most recent nemesis, Marine Corps General and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff David H. Berger, pleading for military support in evacuating endangered Americans.

“You don’t care about Americans. All you care about is saving face and protecting your handlers. You sold your soul, but you know what, we, the real Americans, will not let our brethren die. We’ve already made plans to get our people home. Not because of you and certainly not because of Biden. But because we care for American lives,” Gen. Berger reportedly lambasted Austin, according to a confidential source in the general’s office.

“America will thank you,” Austin replied.

“Don’t pretend to represent America. You’re concerned with popularity; I’m concerned with saving lives,” Gen. Berger replied.

It was Berger and other Joint Chiefs of Staff who orchestrated the deployment of 6,000 troops to protect American lives, our source said.

But team Biden, upon learning of the military’s plan, quickly took credit, pretending as if he and his criminal cadre had mustered military support.

“He really didn’t give two shits about American lives until he realized his approval rating would drop as quickly as Harris’ is. We know that he was ready to throw in the towel and let any dead Americans be counted as collateral damage. We have Trump and the military to thank for saving American lives, not Biden, not his people,” our source said.

Note: When this website uses the name “Biden,” it is not necessarily referring to the real Joseph R. Biden, as many body doubles and actors, including Arthur Roberts, have portrayed him in public and on national television.

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