BOMBSHELL: Report Released, Confirming Obama’s Treason

( Exclusive) – A lot of folks have been looking for someone to pin the blame on for the current disaster befalling the nation of Afghanistan, with tons of folks rightly putting it squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden, while others have wrongfully blamed Trump.

You see, President Donald Trump was planning to pull troops too. However, that action was based on certain conditions being met first. Biden’s withdrawal was unconditional, which is totally the wrong way to carry out the order.

However, according to a report from WND, there’s one other person who deserves a big chunk of the blame for what’s happening in Afghanistan. And that’s none other than former President Barack Obama who released the Taliban leader who ended up being the mastermind behind the terrorist organization’s takeover.

Khairullah Khairkhwa is one of the five leaders that Obama released from Guantanamo back in 2014 in exchange for U.S. Army deserter and coward Bowe Bergdahl. Khairkhwa was actually part of the official delegation that was in negotiations with Biden and his administration to finalize terms of the withdrawal of U.S. troops, which helped to clear a path for the Taliban to then take over Afghanistan.

“U.S. intelligence officials regarded the Taliban Five as the ‘hardest of the hardcore’ and urged Obama to reconsider his decision to release them from the Guantanamo Bay prison. Sperry noted that Obama assured Americans the jihadist leaders would be transferred to Qatar and prevented from causing any trouble,” the report said.

“In fact, they were left free to engineer Sunday’s sacking of Kabul,” the New York Post’s Paul Sperry writes.

“After the release of the Taliban Five, the Obama-Biden administration then turned a blind eye to intelligence reports and the pledge of the commanders to return to fight Americans in Afghanistan. Using Qatar as a base, they made contacts with active Taliban militants in Afghanistan,” the report continued.

Khairkhwa recently stated at the peace summit with the United States that the prime objective of the Taliban was to establish Islamic law in Afghanistan.

“I started jihad to remove foreign forces from my country and establish an Islamic government, and jihad will continue until we reach that goal through a political agreement,” Khairkhwa went on to say.

“Sperry pointed out that earlier this year, Khairkhwa promised not to retaliate against any Afghans who worked with the U.S. military or the American-backed government in Kabul,” WND’s report noted.

However, new reports that are emerging from Kandahar and Kabul seem to indicate that the Taliban are currently going door-to-door with a kill list. Hardly sounds like a peaceful bunch, right?

Sperry then stated in his report that the Taliban leader previously served as the interior minister for the Taliban in Afghanistan, where his duties included oversight of enforcing Islamic-law punishments. You know, barbaric stuff like chopping people’s heads off and stoning them to death. Such a progressive bunch, eh?

Muhammed Arif Mustafa, a Taliban commander, recently conducted an interview with fake news kings, CNN, where he plainly stated the group’s ultimate objective.

“It’s our belief that one day, mujahedin will have victory, and Islamic law will come not to just Afghanistan, but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end until the last day,” he said during his interview.

One journalist for the network said the remarks are “a chilling admission from a group that claims it wants peace.”

“The Taliban does indeed want peace,” Spencer said in his report. “It wants the peace that will follow the world’s submission to the hegemony of Islamic law.”

“Earlier this year, Khairkhwa assured the administration that the Taliban would not launch a spring military offensive if Biden committed to removing all remaining American troops. He also promised not to retaliate against any Afghans who worked with the US military or the US-backed government in Kabul. But Khairkhwa showed no signs of remorse or rehabilitation inside Gitmo — if anything, he’s probably more embittered toward the United States. Why would they believe him?” The NY Post reported.

So, when you see all of the atrocities that are currently unfolding in Afghanistan, it’s not just Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Obama’s too. All so he could get points for saving a deserter like Bowe Bergdhal.

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