WATCH: Police Pepper Spray Children For Not Wearing Face Masks

( Exclusive) – Americans must never willingly give up our Second Amendment rights, ever. Australia is proving exactly why it’s so important for us to never surrender to full government rule.

Australians are living in a nightmare, completely locked down and forced to comply with every government mandate meant to keep them “safe” and “healthy.” It is government tyranny on full display for the world to see.

Americans, take note. What is happening in Australia will soon happen here should the government ever successfully disarm us.

Another disturbing video has surfaced from down under showing Australian police pepper spraying pre-teen children for the crime of breathing fresh air without a face mask on.

The youth were confronted by law enforcement, likely after being reported on by some busy-body member of the public, for not wearing face coverings while inside a shopping mall.

The video shows a police officer handcuffing children while the girl recording the video points out that some of the officers aren’t even wearing masks.

The situation then turns into physical chaos as the kids begin yelling and screaming in fear.

The grown adult officer then drags one of the dastardly criminal children to the ground before hitting the others with a blast of pepper spray to shut them up and bring about their obedience and compliance.

“You pepper sprayed a 12-year-old!” states the girl.

Videos like this are becoming the norm out of Australia as officials continue on forcing lockdowns to accomplish their absurd “Zero COVID” policy. Meanwhile, COVID cases actually remain relatively low.

As InfoWars highlighted earlier this month, another disturbing video shows an older man suffering from a suspected heart attack after being arrested for not wearing a mask outside while exercising.

Australian authorities have also made it very clear they have no problem going “door-to-door” to conduct COVID tests on citizens, you know, to keep them “safe.”

This door-to-door exercise has led to authorities confronting citizens over their whereabouts. An earlier video shows a police chief berating a man for going out to get “fresh air” and not being home when the gestapo paid him a visit.

The American government under the fraudulent Biden regime is doing everything they can to bring the American people into submission and full obedience. If it weren’t for the fact that tens of millions of us remained armed and ready to defend ourselves, you can believe we would be seeing much of the same insanity as Australia right now.

At the end of the day, our Second Amendment rights are what will keep us free in the US. Despite the fact that the radical left was brazen enough to steal the 2020 US presidential election from us, they still know their boundaries.

Never give in. Never surrender. As long as we have our guns, we still have a chance to save America.

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