JUST IN: Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Walks Free

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – If you remember correctly, the folks over at Gateway Pundit finally confirmed the identity of veteran Ashli Babbitt’s killer as Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd (pictured here), a name that was never “officially” released because radical leftists were doing their best to protect this individual from prosecution for murder.

Funny how the whole “defund the police” and all that the left was spewing last year suddenly disappears when the officer kills a fan of President Donald Trump’s, isn’t it?

The family of the slain woman has been going through absolute hell in an effort to make sure Byrd, who fired on Babbitt without warning, pays for his crime. However, it appears that the left has succeeded in getting the man off the hook for his heinous act.

According to Gateway Pundit, it’s also been revealed that the reason the Capitol building was evacuated during the riots that took place back on January 6th was not because of Trump supporters gaining access to the building, but due to a pipe bomb threat.

The report also goes on to reveal that Lt. Mike Byrd has been exonerated for murdering Babbitt in cold blood, a woman who only weighed 98 pounds and posed zero threat to anyone’s safety.

“The Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt outside a door of the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot has been formally exonerated after an internal investigation, according to a department memo obtained by NBC News,” NBC said in their report on the story.

“The officer, whose name has not been released, opened fire on Babbitt as she and a mob of other Trump supporters tried to forcefully enter the Capitol,” the report continued, adding, “Video of the shooting showed Babbitt in front of a crowd of rioters trying to get through a door leading to where members of Congress were being evacuated on the House side of the building.”

“The Justice Department announced in April that no charges were being brought against the officer. The exoneration by the Capitol Police wraps up the last remaining investigation into the incident,” the report added.

This is a horrific miscarriage of justice. Politics has come to the rescue of a person who committed murder, all because the left hates President Trump and those who support his agenda for this country. It’s disgusting. Deplorable.

As noted above, the family of Ashli Babbitt has been treated horribly ever since the veteran was killed that day. In fact, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office went off on Babbitt’s mother, scolding the grieving mom by saying, “Your daughter should not have stormed the Capitol.”

Micki Witthoeft, Babbitt’s mother, went on to speak about the horrific experience in an interview with Dinesh D’Souza. Witthoeft stated that the first time she called the office, the staffer who answered the phone pretended not to know who Babbitt was.

She called a second time and the aide ripped into her over her daughter’s actions, saying, “Dianne Feinstein will never have two minutes for you.”

“Dianne Feinstein’s people were just awful,” Witthoeft went on to say.

“Feinstein’s office has not had the same response to others who were killed by police, including George Floyd, who was high on fentanyl and resisting arrest — putting police officers at risk during a pandemic,” GP went on to say in their report.

“I started with Nancy Pelosi. And I called Nancy Pelosi and I called Dianne Feinstein… from three weeks after Ashli’s death to currently… Nancy Pelosi I have called no less than a dozen times. I have never received any kind of correspondence from her. She will not call me back. I’ve emailed her, she doesn’t email me back… I’ve had absolutely no response,” Babbitt’s mother went on to say.

There’s only been one politician who has bothered to reach out to Babbitt, and I’m pretty sure you already know who that was.

If you guessed President Trump, you’d be correct.

What’s really disgusting is that Babbitt was denied a military funeral, despite the fact she was a veteran, all due to the fact she was at the Capitol building on Jan.6. Her mom went on to say they still put on a lovely ceremony regardless.

“When we scattered her ashes, I had them dedicated to patriotic people. They did a flag ceremony for her and taps was played for her and we honored her with respect,” she said.

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