WATCH: Tucker Carlson Makes Nancy Pelosi Swallow Her Lies On Live TV

( Exclusive) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again puts the full hypocrisy of the Democratic Party on display, proving that these individuals really do think they are above all the rest of us when it comes to rules and regulations, something the COVID-19 pandemic has made very, very clear.

And while the left likes to parade around and act as if they are crusaders fighting against racial injustice, there is a ton of evidence that demonstrates the opposite is true.

According to a report coming from BizPacReview, Speaker Pelosi attended a Democratic fundraising event last Sunday in Napa Valley, California, which is located pretty close to her own estate. The assembly was the exact opposite of diverse, which you’d think would get her yelled at by the folks in her party, but I guess that standard only applies to conservatives.

And to underscore the fact elites like Pelosi think you are beneath them, the only folks who were wearing masks at this little shindig were the servants for the event, despite the fact the individuals who attended the event were close enough to touch elbows with one another.

Earlier in the week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson went off on Pelosi for her blatant hypocrisy.

“They’re breathing all the fresh air they want like it’s 2019. The only people there in masks are their servants — faceless brown serfs, scurrying back and forth to bring them things. Nothing worse than having the help breathe on you. But that’s not a problem for Nancy Pelosi,” Tucker Carlson went on to say during his program.

“It’s pretty clear at this point that Nancy Pelosi—our chief COVID enforcer—doesn’t believe a word she says about the virus. She’s 81 years old, deep in the risk range for the virus. Yet she’s not social distancing or wearing a face shield. She doesn’t even have a mask on. She knows she’s not in danger. There are no Republicans present, so there’s no reason to pretend otherwise,” the show host continued.

Carlson then cued up a montage clip of Pelosi heaping praise on wearing masks and issuing a warning to those who think differently not to cross her.

“Members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times. This is a mask (puts it on). From all over the country I’m getting these masks. Real men wear masks and masks are essentially important. The chair views the failure to wear a mask as a serious breach of decorum. I have no advice for them except when they come here, they have to wear a mask. But in any case (pretends to put mask on) I’m a big believer in wearing a mask and not sharing any air unnecessarily,” Pelosi said.

Carlson went on to add that the true justification for wearing masks and all of the mandates concerning them was when Pelosi stated, “Failure to wear a mask is a serious breach of decorum,” and she means it. “That’s why in Napa, the servants wear masks as they bring Pelosi her wine. Decorum demands it.”

“In a later segment, Carlson dovetailed into the madness surrounding mask and vaccine mandates that continue to intensify in New Zealand and Australia, expressing what has to be near-universal concern among freedom-loving Americans that tyranny will overtake the U.S. as well. (It’s already begun to of course,)” the report said.

“A single COVID case, not a death, just a case, has shut down the island of New Zealand and people are being told to stay in their bubble and avoid interaction with well, anyone. And in Australia, in a rather sickening display of idiocy, dogs that were due to be rescued have been shot in order to deter anyone from leaving their house to come to get one. And apparently hoping to head off future unrest, in 2016 authorities there effectively removed all protections for legal protests,” BPR goes on to say.

And just in case you’re deluded into thinking something like this can’t happen right here on American soil, it all just depends on who is doing the protesting at that time. Just look at the devastation from all of the civil unrest in 2020.

“You can see what happens when a nation tolerates authoritarianism, even for a moment. You can either rebel immediately like San Francisco did in 1918, or you can sit back and watch it accelerate, and in the end you’ll wind up like Australia, and they’ll shoot your dog,” Tucker finished.

So going back to this fundraiser event. Guess how much it cost to participate in this get-together. The price of admission started at $100 and went all the way up through $29,000.

Again, as you can see here and here, none of the folks attending the event are wearing masks. But the servants are.

This is how out of touch with reality the radical left truly is. It’s sickening to say the least.

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