Have Americans Forgotten? Disagreement Doesn’t Have to Be Disagreeable

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Surge Summary: Since when did basic politeness go out of fashion in America? Is it impossible any longer for people of differing opinions to disagree without being disagreeable?

by Candace Hardin

Dear Fellow Humans,

I am a professional woman here in Towns County. I have invested my savings and more into a hospitality business.

I would like to bring it to everyone’s attention that I try to be mannerly and welcoming to ALL.

It is my hope that all my patrons enjoy their time under my care. I want the experience to be pleasant.

When an elderly lady came into my establishment and asked everyone to pray for our country to save it from Communism, I listened politely.

The way I was taught in school and by my parents was to respect my elders. If she had said she was the Queen of England, I would have said, “Yes ma’am, thank you for visiting.”

A person doesn’t contradict their elders. It is rude.

Two customers jumped up from the table and said they didn’t wish to remain as they held different beliefs and they left. The older lady asked them to stay as she didn’t mean to offend. They left anyway.

That was their right and prerogative, as is her opinion as guaranteed to her by the First Amendment.

My question is why are grown people acting like the mean kid’s little cliché’ group in middle school?

That level of maturity was something that I thought we left behind as we entered high school and gained higher education.

Who died and left YOU, (as general term,) in charge of the world?

Jesus said, “Judge not.” He was a perfect person in human form.

Do YOU feel you are perfect and beyond reproach?

We, as a society, must remember our manners and the Golden Rule.

That is the only way to have a peaceful world.

That is what makes a civilization.

Otherwise, it is survival of the fittest, the strongest and the cruelest among us. We become tribal, ruled by warlords whose power is absolute.

I am ashamed to see adults conduct themselves in such a manner. We used to agree to disagree, live and let live and go on with our lives.

Do I need to bring my teacher from middle school in here? She used to say, “Sweep around your own doorstep before you look to your neighbor’s.” She wasn’t wrong.

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

Image: CC0 Public Domain; maxpixel.net/Meeting-People-Gesturing-Conversation-Talking-4498458

Candace Hardin Littlejohn has been greatly influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition of her native Western North Carolina Mountains. Fluent in Spanish, a student of history, Latin and ancient language, she has written for Politichicks.com and Clashdaily.com. She blogs at kandisays.blogspot.com and is publisher of the art/literary magazine Bohemian Renaissance. (Submissions welcome: bohemianlitmag@gmail.com.) Her first novel is:  The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, Volume I THE ORACLE. Available from: candacehardinlittlejohn.com or on Facebook (The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod.) Her poetry collection Bared Expectations can be purchased on Amazon.com or on the website above. She plans to launch another novel by next year.

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