ALERT: Japan Makes Major Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Announcement

( Exclusive) – As if the risks from the COVID-19 vaccines aren’t enough on their own, now two people in Japan have died after receiving shots of the Moderna vaccine from a batch that had been suspended due to being contaminated with an unknown foreign material.

Isn’t that just great? Like blood clots, paralysis, heart-inflammation, and COVID-19 itself weren’t bad enough side effects from the vaccines on their own. Now a whole batch of millions of vials could have foreign material in them.

Who knows how many people received these vaccines before they were suspended.

Both of the individuals who died from the contaminated shots were men in their 30’s who likely had perfectly functioning immune systems and no need for the shots in the first place.

Japan’s Health Ministry reported on Saturday that each of them received their second Moderna jabs from one of three manufacturing lots that were suspended on Thursday.

Despite the fact that it seems pretty obvious that both men died as a result of the shots, an investigation is currently underway into their deaths.

Japan’s rollout of more than 1.63 million doses of the COVID-19 shots was halted last week after the vaccine’s domestic distributor, Takeda, notified the government about the foreign material discovered in 39 unused vials.

All of the contaminated doses that have been found were manufactured at a Madrid factory run by a Spanish firm Rovi, which has said that the vials in question belonged to a batch exclusively shipped to Japan.

The foreign substance was not able to be immediately identified, however, Japan’s TV channel NHK reported that some doses were contaminated with metal particles. This information was cited as having come from sources at the country’s Health Ministry.

Vaccines from these potentially contaminated lots had been sent to 863 vaccination sites around Japan.

InfoWars reports, “Taro Kono, the minister in charge of the country’s immunization campaign, said on Friday that more than 500,000 inoculations have been already made using the doses from the lots in question. ‘It doesn’t appear like there are any serious safety issues at this point,’ Kono said.”

Despite the fact that two men have died.

An investigation by Moderna is underway into the matter and the EU’s drug regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has also launched their own probe to determine if the European supply was also affected.

Now, on top of the side effects from the vaccines themselves, those wishing to be vaccinated in Japan have to also worry whether or not their dose contains foreign material. Fortunately, batches have been suspended for now.

The COVID-19 vaccines have been a complete sham. They don’t work and they come with a list of serious and possibly permanent side effects. Not to mention the fact that the vaccines are the likely source of the supposed “Delta variant.”

Rather than stopping the COVID-19 “pandemic,” the vaccines are only perpetuating it. What’s scary is how many people will line up to get their “boosters.”

People of the world, it’s time to wake up now. We’re being played.

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