Military Arrests Hunter Biden

Elements of the U.S. military working under JAG authority arrested Hunter Biden on Monday morning as he and two underage female companions tried to reenter the United States after deboarding a chartered flight that originated in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

According to sources familiar with the arrest, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services detained Hunter Biden and friends moments after they had claimed baggage at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

Preliminary information suggests that a suitcase in Biden’s possession held several kilograms of “crack-cocaine” and that his two companions, based on passport information, were 13 and 14 years old.

Why or how Dubai authorities did not notice the drugs remains unknown; typically, baggage is x-rayed at the point of departure, not arrival, and it’s highly unusual for the TSA or Customs to detain passengers at baggage claim.

Nor is it immediately clear why Dubai allowed two underage females to accompany Hunter Biden on the flight.

Our source said that Customs alerted the military to Biden’s arrival, and that plain clothed Delta Force operators were at once dispatched to apprehend Biden before he had a chance to call his father or other Deep State associates.

Biden and his female colleagues were heavily intoxicated or stoned at the time of arrest, a military source told RRN. All three had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and could barely stand on their own two feet without aid.

“Do you know who my father is? You can’t do shit to me, motherfucker,” Hunter Biden purportedly told a Delta Force operator.

“Guess what? We don’t work for your father,” the operator replied.

Hunter Biden was separated from the females and taken to a holding facility at an unknown location.

RRN will provide additional details as they develop.

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