TRUST THE SCIENCE?? Deranged And Deluded Democrats Assert That Menstruation Is Not Only For Women, Start Using Term ‘Menstruating People’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Wednesday asserted that more than just “women” can menstruate, defending her use of the term “menstruating people.”

OK people, let’s go over this one more time. Men cannot get pregnant, men cannot menstruate, there are only two genders and no you cannot switch from one to the other. Men cannot breastfeed a baby, and creating transgender children through chemical castration is demonic.

“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” Habakkuk 1:5 (KJB)

Right now there’s happening around the world a push to make you believe that all the things that I just mentioned can in fact exist in reality when, in fact, they cannot. If you don’t push back against this deception, you will find yourself in a world where it will be a crime to not think this way, just as George Orwell told you in ‘1984’. Hormone shots and surgery do not change your gender, you are still what you were on the day you were born. This deception is not just being pushed by the deluded Democrats, it is being pushed by the UN, the WHO, the CDC, and demonic liberals around the world. If you’re a Christian, stand against it now, or bow to it later. Your choice.

AOC Defends Using the Phrase ‘Menstruating People’: ‘Not Just Women’ Can Menstruate

FROM BREITBART NEWS: “Not just women! Trans men & non-binary people can also menstruate,” Ocasio-Cortez exclaimed, defending her use of the term. “Some women also *don’t* menstruate for many reasons, including surviving cancer that required a hysterectomy,” she continued.

“GOP mad at this are protecting the patriarchal idea that women are most valuable as uterus holders,” the New York lawmaker added, continuing to tell people to “grow up” because “trans, two-spirit, and non-binary people have always existed and will always exist”:

Ocasio-Cortez is far from the only high-profile figure purportedly devoted to “science” to use broad terms to refer to female-only functions, such as menstruating or becoming pregnant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for example, provided an update for coronavirus vaccinations for pregnant women on August 11, although the federal health agency repeatedly used the phrase “pregnant people,” despite the fact that there are only two biological sexes and only females can become pregnant with a child.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has also used the phrase.

“For pregnant people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, we are strengthening our guidance and recommending that all pregnant people or people thinking about becoming pregnant get vaccinated,” she said during a press briefing last month.

The Biden administration, too, has welcomed the broad terms, replacing the word “mothers” with “birthing people” in a budget proposal over the summer. READ MORE

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