Why Are Joe Biden And The Democrats Bragging About Drone Strike In Kabul That Only Took Out An Innocent US Aid Worker And His 7 Beautiful Children?

A US airstrike in Kabul against a supposed Islamic State bomber actually killed an innocent man who worked for a US aid group and his family, according to newly published testimony and footage — raising the specter that the Pentagon lied to the public about the strike.

One of the reasons why pretend president Joe Biden gave that speech yesterday talking about the government forcing people to be injected with COVID-19 vaccines was to get people so riled up they stop talking about Afghanistan. Why would Biden do that? Well, for one reason, his drone strikes he ordered didn’t kill any terrorists, but it vaporized a whole bunch of innocent kids and their US aid worker father.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

Joe Biden is a man who carries on endlessly, mourning the death of his son Beau, talking about his life being cut short at a young age. Yet this same man can order drone strikes that in one shot takes out 7 sibling children and not miss a wink of sleep over it, or even mention it one time ever. A man who can do that is also capable of killing you, your mother, your father, and all your kids, too. Now you know why he gave his ‘mandatory vaccine’ speech yesterday, hoping desperately you stop talking about the kids he killed in Kabul.

Biden droned the wrong guy, innocent aid worker killed in Kabul strike: NYT

FROM THE NY POST: The reported case of mistaken identity also further tars President Biden for his chaotic pullout of US troops from Afghanistan, which left behind hundreds of US citizens and thousands of at-risk Afghans. Zemari Ahmadi and nine members of his family, including seven children, were killed in the airstrike on Aug. 29, one day before the final US evacuation flights from Kabul, his brother Romal Ahmadi told the New York Times.

Ahmadi, who was the apparent target of the strike, worked for 14 years as a technical engineer in Afghanistan for the Pasadena, Calif.-based charity group Nutrition and Education International, which feeds hungry Afghans.

The aid group had applied for him to move to the US as a refugee.

New security footage from his workplace shows Ahmadi, whose neighborhood had unreliable water service, filling containers with water at his employer’s office at 2:35 p,m. shortly before he returned home. Fire-damaged containers consistent with the water canisters were photographed by the Times. He and colleagues, who had driven to work, also were carrying laptop computers that day, according to security footage, possibly explaining the military’s claim that the targeted Toyota Corolla contained carefully wrapped packages.

The Times disputed the Pentagon’s claim that secondary explosions demonstrated that explosive materials were ignited by the US Reaper drone’s Hellfire missile. The aging walls near Ahmadi’s car were not toppled by the airstrike or by any subsequent explosions.


Three weapons experts told the Times there was no evidence of a secondary explosion because there were no blown out walls or destroyed vegetation near the burned-out car. A small crater under car was consistent with a Hellfire missile, the experts said.

“The procedures were correctly followed and it was a righteous strike” Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said afterward.

The Pentagon initially presented the airstrike as a successful mission to prevent another bombing of the Kabul airport after 13 US service members and at least 169 Afghans died in a suspected Islamic State suicide attack on Aug. 26.READ MORE

Kabul families say children killed in US Biden drone attack

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