Fuzzy ‘Facts’ About Modern Hurricanes Mirror Fuzzy ‘Facts’ About Other ‘Science’

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— Today, Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels:

Dubious “science” regarding Hurricane Ida and where that storm stacks alongside other storms confirms why so many are chary of unquestionably accepting the ever-shifting “scientific” claims of so many so-called experts concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.


Also on this weekend’s Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels:

A Hurricane Ida/Covid-19 connection … Wisdom from the ancients re current divisive subject … Power of one person — or one little nation –in standing against evil … Was 20 years in Afghanistan really ‘all for nothing’? … AOC’s dress sparks a discussion about economic reality … One more reason to be glad Andrew Cuomo is gone from political office … .

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Image: Adapted from: National Aeronautics and Space Administration – https://www.worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=109492028

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