Activists Chanting ‘F**k Joe Biden’ And ‘Trump Won’ Storm Vaccinated-Only Food Court In NY

( Exclusive) – It seems that Joe Biden and the ilk who are part of his administration do not seem to understand that the vast majority of Americans are totally against the idea of a vaccine mandate for businesses who have over 100 employees, knowing the devastating impact this could have not only our rights, but also our economy.

Why isn’t this administration getting the point? There are now folks who have taken to political activism over this issue, hoping to make their voices heard and to apply pressure to Biden in order to hopefully prevent this measure from taking effect.

According to a report from BizPacReview, there was a large multicultural crowd of individuals, unmasked, who were anti-vaccine mandate protesters, that erupted into the ever popular chant of “f**k Joe Biden” and “Trump won” at a vaccinated-only food court located in New York City over the weekend.

Some video footage captured of the event shows the folks involved in the protest showing up at Staten Island Mall while holding American flags and chanting “USA.” Folks have had enough of the COVID-19 nonsense, not just here in the United States, but all across the world.

The organizers of the protest then urged people in the crowd to “get food” and “meet back over there and go into the food court area and sit our butts down.”

According to information from the Staten Island Advance, the food court is “an area which is supposed to be only for those who can show proof of vaccination.”

Once the protesters sat down, that’s when things really got interesting.

“First the protesters began chanting ‘USA’ like before, but they then quickly switched their chant up to ‘f–k Joe Biden; and ‘Trump won,’” BPR said.

“You’ll notice too that the protesters weren’t “a bunch of privileged white people,” as a leftist might say. People of virtually every race were present,” the report noted.

Despite the racial differences of the individual protesters, they all came together as one and agreed that mask and vaccine mandates are wrong and that Biden is not the kind of leader our country needs right now. Or ever for that matter.

“As the protest continued, they also chanted ‘my body, my choice’ and sang the Pledge of Allegiance,” the report continued, adding, “According to Scootercaster, they were never asked to show proof of vaccination, so the mall may unfortunately wind up getting in trouble.”

The whole of New York City is currently languishing under a ridiculous vaccine mandate that requires proof of vaccination to be presented before customers can eat indoors at restaurants.

You can probably already guess how leftists responded to this display of patriotism. They, of course, continued to push the narrative that anyone who refuses their mandates as “domestic terrorism”.

So it’s apparently totally acceptable for Black Lives Matter “protesters” to burn their neighborhoods to the ground, loot, riot, and shoot people, because these folks never labeled those activities “domestic terrorism,” which they actually are.

These folks were non-violent and were standing up against a tyrannical order that will surely open the door for more and more of the same until there is no freedom left. It’s what real Americans do. These leftists need to take a hike.

Interestingly, this protest is not the first place we’ve heard the chant of “f**k Joe Biden.”

It all started during NCAA football games, with crowds that erupted into the now infamous chant, all across the country.

“From Penn State University and Tennessee Volunteers fans to concert attendees and protesters, dozens of videos captured the slogan being chanted,” Infowars reported, adding, “Country music fans seeing live shows by Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert joined in on the anti-Biden mantra at separate events.”

Folks gambling at a casino also got graced with the chant.

How much more does Biden need to hear before he gets the message loud and clear?

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