Trump Vows “Swift Return” as Military Completes Election Fraud Investigation

President Donald J. Trump on Sunday said he would swiftly return to power after learning that the U.S. military was nearing completion on a comprehensive investigation into the illegitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, a probe which–absurd as it sounds—began back on November 3.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump and his most trustworthy advisors convened a clandestine meeting at his Mar-a-Lago command center, a makeshift bunker and digital metropolis from where the businessman-turned-president has been working alongside military adjuncts to either prove or disprove claims of election fraud. As reported by RRN earlier this year, the military had taken notice of election irregularities during the late-night hours of November 3, as Trump’s commanding lead in battleground states seemed to magically evaporate at 3:00 a.m., after polling stations across the country had closed and it was assumed tallying would resume the following morning.

“Votes for Trump disappeared, and votes for Biden appeared from nowhere. We found this highly irregular and highly suspicious, but we had no authority at that time to act on it,” Command Sergeant Major William M. Rinehart of the U.S. Army’s Intelligence and Security Command told Real Raw News.

He added, “INSCOM has monitored presidential elections for a long time. I can’t reveal exactly when we began. Typically, we track and that’s all; we have no power to refute or invalidate results except under special circumstances, meaning there is clear and present evidence of election fraud, and the sitting president activates the Insurrection Act of 1807, which grants the U.S. military agency to supersede civilian authority.”

He nebulously said that Trump triggered the Insurrection Act between November 15 and January 18, in a secret executive order not published on Ever since, the U.S. military has coordinated with “lawful” civil authorities to gauge the extent of fraud.

On Sunday INSCOM presented Trump a preliminary report, which prompted him to assemble his team of confidantes.

Our Mar-a-Lago source said the report is damning for the illegitimate Biden administration, as it gives conclusive and irrefutable proof that Biden knowingly stole at least 4,000,000 votes across 6 battleground states, and that superdelegates—theoretically free to vote for any candidate—were paid huge sums of cash by the DNC to toss their support behind Biden.

“Trump now has very solid proof that tons of votes in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada were stolen beneath his nose. He told us the military is in the final stages of investigating, and that he will swiftly return to power once the culminary findings are released. It won’t be long now,” our source said, but refused to provide a specific date.

Asked if 4,000,000 votes were enough to overturn the election, our source said the number of votes is irrelevant.

“One million, ten, twenty…. now we have proof votes were stolen. That will be enough to topple the criminal Biden regime and restore prosperity to the nation and the people,” he said.

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