WATCH: Megyn Kelly Lays Out Sexual Assault Accusations Against Don Lemon

( Exclusive) – One of the most insufferable news personalities in the country, CNN’s Don Lemon, is facing sexual assault charges and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly discussed the alleged incident on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, along with two legal analysts.

Both legal analysts weighed in saying the claims of bartender Dustin Hice may or may not be true.

Fox News reported when the case first developed that the allegations of sexual assault came from Hice who claims that Lemon approached him at a bar and engaged in disturbing and unacceptable behavior.

According to Hice, the case has been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but he is still hopeful that it will reach a resolution.

Hice has alleged in the lawsuit filed with Suffolk County Court, that Lemon, who is openly gay, sexually assaulted him during the summer of 2018.

Fox reported at the time that Hice accuses “the ‘CNN Tonight’ host of the lewd act. ‘[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose.”

“It was the most degrading, humiliating thing I’ve ever been through and it’s been dragged out. I hate it,” Hice said.

The report explained, “Lemon offered a six-figure settlement before talks broke down and the formal complaint was filed, according to Hice… CNN did not immediately respond to a series of questions from Fox News, including a request for comment regarding Hice’s claim that Lemon offered him a six-figure settlement.”

Naturally, Don Lemon has denied any wrongdoing.

As Megyn Kelly pointed out on her show, this case is not the average case against a celebrity because there is an eye witness to the incident. Unfortunately, as legal commentator Mark Eiglarsh noted the witness was an acquaintance of Hice and therefore would not be entirely independent.

Another legal analyst, Arthura Aidala also added that when alcohol is involved, really anything can happen and who knows who to believe.

“I never say never. If Don Lemon is really drunk… he’s on a tear, it’s definitely in the realm of possibilities,” he said.

Looks like trouble for Don Lemon. If only he wasn’t such an arrogant, propaganda-pushing, leftist drone we might actually have some sympathy for him but it’s more likely that Lemon is getting what’s coming his way.

People like Lemon think they are above the law and that other people on the planet are simply put here to serve them. He’s a typical elitist snob who looks down his nose at anyone below his income bracket.

Stay tuned to see what happens but we bet he manages to escape any consequences for this incident just like every other leftist in the last 30 years seems to do.

While the judicial system may or may not be inherently “racist” as the left loves to say, it most definitely is all about who you know and how much you have in your bank account.

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