Vaccinated Vermont: Majority Of September Covid Deaths Were Jabbed

( Exclusive) – Vermont Health Department spokesman Ben Truman spoke with the Vermont Daily Chronicle just last week stating that of all the coronavirus-related deaths in the state for the month of September, only “eight of the 33 deaths were not vaccinated.”

A report from Infowars says this means that 75 percent of the folks in the state of Vermont who died from COVID had already been vaccinated, a claim that runs counter to the narrative the radical left has been pushing for months now, stating that the current spike in cases has come from those who have refused to get the shot.

Truman then attempted to explain this shocking statistic to the outlet, saying, “In addition to being more likely to have severe illness and consequences like hospitalizations and deaths, older Vermonters were among the very first to be vaccinated, and therefore, have had more time to potentially become a vaccine breakthrough case, with these more severe outcomes.”

Too late, Truman. You already let the cat out of the bag, confirming what most of us have been saying for a long, long time now. This vaccine is essentially worthless.

The state of Vermont is actually the most vaccinated in the country, with a whopping 88 percent of its population age 12 and older having received at least one of the shots.

All the while, the hospitalization rate for unvaccinated folks continues to rapidly spiral downward while the hospitalization rate for the vaccinated is falling more slowly.

“During a Tuesday press conference, Vermont’s Commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation Mike Pieciak explained the rate of hospital admissions for unvaccinated individuals dropped 30% in a week, which is more than twice as the 14% decrease in vaccinated citizens,” the report said.

“If this trajectory continues as more states around the country obtain higher vaccination rates, the US could eventually see mass Covid deaths in vaccinated individuals that the establishment will undoubtedly blame on variants they say are created by the unvaccinated,” the report continued (screen shot here).

In another report from Infowars, an undercover video from Project Veritas recently revealed a scientist from Pfizer, one of the leading companies to produce a coronavirus vaccine, stating that antibodies are probably much better and more effective than the vaccine.

“In Part 4 of its #CovidVaxExposed series, Project Veritas released footage of three Pfizer officials admitting that their company’s vaccine just isn’t as effective as natural immunity,” the Infowars report said.

Nick Karl, one of the scientists directly involved with the production of the company’s vaccine, went on to explain that natural immunity, which you get from catching the virus, is more effective than the vaccine.

“When somebody is naturally immune — like they got COVID — they probably have more antibodies against the virus. When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus…So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination,” Karl stated, before going on to say that vaccine mandates are still a positive thing.

“The city [of New York] needs like vax cards and everything,” the scientist continued. “It’s just about making it so inconvenient for unvaccinated people to the point where they’re just like, ‘F*ck it. I’ll get it.’ You know?”

That pretty much says all you need to know, right?

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