In Minnesota, Breakthrough Cases From The Fully Vaccinated Account For 99% Of All New COVID Cases Including Rising Death Rate Despite Vaccine

Minnesota on Tuesday reported a COVID-19 test positivity rate of 8.3% that is the highest in the vaccine era and a level of hospitalizations that hasn’t been seen since the first shots against the coronavirus were administered in mid-December.

Oh, how the main stream media loved to run headline stories on the Delta COVID surge here in the free state of Florida, dragging the name of our fantastic governor Ron DeSantis through the mud every chance they got. Funny thing, though, the same media has no interest in reporting on COVID cases in Democrat states like Minnesota where infections, hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing despite having a senior population that is 93% vaccinated. Isn’t that the opposite of what they have been telling us??

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (KJB)

Like Neo in the ‘The Matrix’ movie, being forced to be unplugged, wake up and face the truth of the world you actually live in can be quite unsettling and painful, but once accomplished is such a better way to live. If you have put your faith in having a religious exemption or getting vaccinated, I am sorry to tell you neither of those things will work in the long run. But when a person gets saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and then begins to dive into the ‘scripture of truth’ contained in a King James Bible, it is then and only then will they know not only what the truth is, but Who the Truth is, and I declared Him unto you as Jesus of Nazareth.

Rising COVID-19 numbers returning to pre-vaccine levels in Minnesota

FROM THE STAR TRIBUNE: COVID-19 hospitalizations in Minnesota reached 960 on Monday and included 254 people needing intensive care because of breathing problems or other complications. While that is below the record 1,864 hospitalizations on Nov. 29, it is the highest in 2021 and combines with patients with trauma and other illnesses to fill up 96% of available intensive care beds and 93% of non-ICU beds.

The escalating COVID-19 wave, fueled by a fast-spreading delta variant of the coronavirus, is a gut punch to public health leaders who hoped that vaccination progress would knock out the pandemic. More than 75% of eligible Minnesotans 12 and older have received COVID-19 vaccine since the first doses were provided Dec. 14-15 to a group of tribal leaders in Bemidji and nurses at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

“Delta has changed the landscape for COVID-19,” state infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann said.

The state on Tuesday reported 10 COVID-19 deaths and 7,942 more coronavirus infections, reflecting pandemic activity identified over the weekend. The additions raise Minnesota’s pandemic totals to 746,768 infections and 8,330 deaths. Nine of the 10 newly reported deaths occurred in seniors — despite a vaccination rate above 93% in that age group — while one involved a Morrison County resident in the 40 to 44 age range.

Minnesota’s rate of new infections for the past seven days is seventh worst among U.S. states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with Midwest and Northwest states all seeing surges. Infections in hard-hit states such as Florida and Louisiana have dropped to among the lowest in the nation, mimicking delta variant waves this year in India and England that peaked fairly quickly.

All Minnesota counties are in the high-risk range for viral transmission. In high-transmission counties, the CDC recommends mask-wearing in K-12 schools and public indoor settings.

Breakthrough COVID-19 cases in fully vaccinated Minnesotans have been increasing amid the rise of the delta variant, which is responsible for more than 99% of new infections in the state. The rise could reflect waning immunity in the earliest vaccine recipients, which include seniors and people with underlying illnesses who tend to have weaker immune system responses to the shots. READ MORE

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