MEDIA BLACKOUT: Southwest Airlines Tried To Cover Up Mass ‘Sickout’ Over Vaccine Mandate

( Exclusive) – Employers all across America are forcing their employees to either be shot up with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines or be fired. Despite the fact that there seems to be absolutely no media coverage on the resistance to these ultimatums, it’s happening and it’s causing massive waves.

Southwest Airlines has reportedly cancelled almost 2,000 flights over this past weekend alone. While they are claiming the cancellations are due to air traffic control issues and bad weather, the reality is they have been forced to cancel flights because of employees’ protests over getting the shots.

NBC News reported that on Saturday the airline cancelled 808 flights and on Sunday more than 1,000 flights were cancelled.

The NBC News report, which credited weather and air traffic control issues for the cancellations, came out around 12 hours after NewsNation correspondent Leland Vittert, formerly of Fox News, reported on Twitter that the 808 cancelled flights were the result of a massive “sickout” carried out by Southwest employees.

Social media users angrily lashed out at Southwest for attempting to shift the blame of the cancellations and completely suppress the news of what was actually going on.

Here’s the airline’s post on Twitter:

The outraged response to Southwest’s tweet was immediate.

“This is all untrue info. This is not due to weather… All of our flights have been cancelled because employees are walking out due to the vaccine mandate. We were notified at midnight our second flight was cancelled and they won’t allow me to cancel the first leg. On hold 3.5 hrs,” one flier wrote.

Other would-be passengers reported the same. Some also pointed out that other airlines clearly weren’t affected by these alleged issues.

BizPacReview reports that the flight cancellations came one day after the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association “amended an ongoing lawsuit against the airline to include complaints about its vaccine mandates.”

Reuters reported that the original suit was filed in August, and claimed that Southwest Airlines had “implemented an ’emergency time off’ program, altered schedules, and scaled back prescription drug and retirement benefits without bargaining, in violation of federal labor law.”

The union amended the suit on Friday, asking the court “to temporarily block the company from carrying out federally mandated coronavirus vaccinations until an existing lawsuit over alleged U.S. labor law violations is resolved,” according to Bloomberg.

“The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association’s filing Friday also asked for an immediate hearing on the request before a federal court in Dallas, claiming the carrier has continued to take unilateral actions that violate terms of the Railway Labor Act, which governs airline-union relations. Those steps include the Covid-19 vaccination requirement,” Bloomberg reported.

“The new vaccine mandate unlawfully imposes new conditions of employment and the new policy threatens termination of any pilot not fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021. Southwest Airlines’ additional new and unilateral modification of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement is in clear violation of the RLA,” the filing itself reportedly reads.

In an emailed statement to Bloomberg, the airline essentially asserted it doesn’t feel that pilots should have the right to determine what goes into their bodies.

“The airline disagrees with SWAPA’s claims that any Covid-related changes over the past several months require negotiation,” the airline wrote, reportedly adding that it’s committed to working with its unions “as we continue navigating the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic.”

If employers want to impose unconstitutional vaccine mandates on their employees it should cost them. Now is the time to resist.

Shame on the corrupt mainstream media outlets for refusing to report on the truth behind the Southwest flight cancellations.

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