VIDEO: Passenger Named ‘No Mandates’ Called To Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden’s unconstitutional, overreaching vaccine mandates are threatening life as we know it in America. As if COVID itself wasn’t bad enough for everyday life and our economy, Biden has compounded the issues by ordering the forced vaccinations of millions of American workers.

Though Biden has not actually signed any official executive order demanding the forced jabs, his words have still been effective enough at bullying companies with over 100 employees to force the experimental vaccines on their workers or face termination.

Fortunately the resistance to the “mandate” has been strong in the airline industry. Hundreds of pilots, airline workers and fliers are banding together to fight against this medical tyranny.

Americans are taking a stand and making their voices heard any way they can.

In one effort to express opposition to the mandates, an airline passenger at San Diego Airport took advantage of the airport’s intercom system.

The Southwest Airlines ticket counter at the San Diego Airport called a person named “Noman Dates” to the counter over the intercom system and the message was clear to anyone who heard it.

“No Mandates.”

“Attention at the terminal, Noman Dates. Noman Dates. Please get your party, Southwest ticket counter. Noman Dates. Please get your party, Southwest ticket counter,” the intercom blares in the video, as passengers line up at the gate.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly went on a media tour this Tuesday in an effort to do damage control after rumors of an employee “sick out” swirled over the weekend.

The airline company was forced to cancel over 2,000 flights between Saturday and Sunday, blaming the cancellations on weather and air traffic control issues.

Of course, Americans aren’t stupid or blind. It was immediately obvious that the real reason for the canceled flights was employees resisting the absurd vaccine mandate.

Kelly, during his media tour, has insisted that he is against the mandates personally but is just doing what he has to do to comply with Biden’s “orders.”

“The vaccine mandate obviously is controversial and it’s not anything that I wish for our company,” he said. “This is a government mandate, it’s a presidential order, and we’re doing our best to comply with that according to the deadlines as they have been set.”

Sure sounds like a cop out if there ever was one. Kelly could choose to side with American patriots and refuse to comply with Biden’s unconstitutional spoken “order.” He could choose to stand up for his employees and tell Biden “no.”

Instead, he’s kowtowing to the regime and complying with a “presidential order” Biden has no legal grounds to enforce.

Kelly and other company leaders are exactly why America is in the position we’re in right now.

If Kelly could just manage to find his backbone and take a stand for freedom and liberty maybe others would be encouraged to do the same. Instead, Kelly would rather watch our economy nosedive as airline workers are fired in massive numbers just to comply with “presidential orders.”

Way to go, Gary. When the US economy collapses we’ll have you to thank. You can blame Biden all you want but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Stay strong airline workers. America is behind you.

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