Joe Rogan Schools CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Over COVID Shots For Children

( Exclusive) – The top rated podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, who also is a martial artist and MMA commentator, took an opportunity on Wednesday to explain to CNN health correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta why so many parents of children believe that getting their kids vaccinated for COVID poses a much larger risk to them than the illness itself.

According to WND, Rogan asked Gupta on his podcast, “Don’t you think that, even with a breakthrough infection, untreated, you are probably more vulnerable than the average child who is not vaccinated, who gets COVID?”

Before providing Gupta an opportunity to answer the question, Rogan then pointed out that folks who have been vaccinated with two jabs have died, which includes an actor who just won an Emmy Award.

“The odds of that happening to a healthy child are very, very low,” Rogan stated.

“Very low,” Gupta went on to agree.

Rogan, noting Gupta who is 51, which was close to the same age as the actor who died from the coronavirus, said, “You, vaccinated, would be more vulnerable of a breakthrough infection than a young child would be, statistically speaking, right?”

Gupta then stated that both are rare.

“But you’re not worried about catching it,” Rogan added, “because you’ve been vaccinated and you think it imparts a certain amount of protection. “What I’m saying to you is that I think that ‘not worry’ is the same feeling that a lot of people have about their children.”

“They’re not worried about their children catching it, for the same reason you’re not worried about catching it, being vaccinated” he continued.

Rogan then stepped back a bit and allowed Gupta a little room to answer the question, however, the CNN health expert agreed that very few kids, about 500 out of millions, who have been exposed to the illness have died from it.

Gupta then said that “part of it is not defining this in terms of life and death.”

Rogan interrupted the doctor, saying, “But do you understand my point?”

“Well, are suggesting that I get [a booster shot]?” Gupta replied.

“I’m not saying that,” the famous podcaster continued. “What I’m saying is your attitude about not being concerned — because you have antibodies, and you think you would get through it even if you had a breakthrough infection — that is the exact same attitude that a lot of young people have, where they don’t want to get a shot, because they are worried about the consequences.”

“Rogan acknowledged that the number of reported deaths of young people from the vaccines is ‘incredibly small,’ but they are documented on the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting database,” the report from WND said.

The podcast host then asked the CNN health expert about evidence that the pandemic started with the virus escaping from the now infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“I don’t know, sometimes, what to do with this. It’s highly suspicious,” Gupta responded.

Gupta then noted that the U.S.- based researcher that was funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency for his work over at the Wuhan lab, Peter Daszak, put out a letter in the February 2020 edition of The Lancet where he totally dismissed the lab-leak theory as nothing more than “conspiracy.”

Gupta stated that he spoke with Daszak about this very topic, saying, “Peter, this is not making sense.”

“Daszak, the founder of EcoHealth Alliance, replied that there’s no evidence that the virus ever existed in the Wuhan lab,” the report said. “Rogan said that’s because the Chinese deleted all the evidence.”

“Gupta agreed, noting an entire online database was deleted. He said he asked Daszak about that, and the scientist argued it was a public database, and they were worried about hacking. Gupta said he replied that if it was a public database, no one would need to hack it,” the report continued.

“I don’t know, Joe, what to make of it,” Gupta stated. “There’s clearly, as you said earlier, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But can I say conclusively? No. And part of me thinks we may never know.”

Rogan then went on to ask Gupta about Fauci’s denial to Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky during Senate hearings that he was providing funding for gain of function research, which takes viruses and supes them up so they are more transmissible between humans and also increases their strength, making them more dangerous.

“I think that [the National Institutes of Health] is clearly funding EcoHealth Alliance, and EcoHealth Alliance is clearly giving grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” he responded.

“The answer was that there is ‘nuance’ to the definition of the research. And the strict definition, Gupta said, is that ‘you’ve gotta know that it will lead to gain of function,’” the report said.

But Gupta did agree, in simple terms, the research funded by NIH was leading to the creation of viruses that “could” be far more contagious.

“That’s what a lot of people are concerned about here,” he stated.

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