BOMBSHELL! Clinton Lawyers Tied To Disinformation About Trump

( Exclusive) – Those of us who have been paying attention already know that Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann was directly involved with the spreading of disinformation surrounding the bogus Trump-Russia hoax in 2016.

Now, Sussman has been officially indicted and it’s shed some fresh light on the role of Democratic operatives in the entire Russia collusion charade.

Emerging details show that Sussman, along with Perkins Coie colleague Marc Elias, the chief counsel for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, worked in tandem to solicit and spread disinformation that aimed to tie Trump to the Kremlin.

In a detailed document released last month, Special Counsel John Durham charged that Sussman was guilty of concealing his work for the Clinton campaign while also trying to convince the FBI of the totally false claim that a secret backchannel between Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank existed.

Sussmann made an allegedly false statement to the FBI in September 2016 in regards to this made up backchannel but that wasn’t all.

Just months prior he helped concoct an even more consequential Russia allegation that he also tried to sell to the FBI. In April of 2016, Sussmann hired Crowdstrike, the cybersecurity firm that kicked off the entire Russian collusion debacle by claiming that Russia was behind the DNC emails being hacked and released by WikiLeaks.

While Sussmann was working with CrowdStrike to frame Russia for the hacking, his partner Elias hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump that would tie him to the Kremlin.

Despite the fact that the entire Russia-collusion narrative was an orchestrated hoax from the beginning, a years-long investigation ensued of which Sussman, Elias and the two Clinton campaign contractors would play a major part in.

We all know that Fusion GPS is responsible for planting the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory in the hands of the FBI and the US mainstream media via its subcontractor, former British spy Christopher Steele.

The FBI used the now debunked “Steele dossier” as a source for leads as well as justification for multiple surveillance applications targeting Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page.

Just like Fusion GPS, the FBI relied heavily on the information provided by CrowdStrike, who was under the direction of Sussmann, for information. Rather than examining the DNC’s servers themselves, the FBI went along with CrowdStrike’s forensics.

This effectively gave Sussmann and Elias, two attorneys working directly for Hillary Clinton, unprecedented access and influence to the FBI and the cooked up national security scandal that threatened President Trump’s bid for the White House.

The Perkins Coie attorneys were smart enough to hire and use CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS to help form and move along the entire Trump-Russia hoax and dictate the direction and flow of information to the highest reaches of the US intelligence agencies.

WND reports:

In congressional testimony, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson said that it was an “extraordinary coincidence” that the Russian hacking allegation (by fellow Clinton/Perkins Coie contractor CrowdStrike) overlapped with his firm’s Trump-Russia collusion hunt (while working for Clinton/Perkins Coie).

Just a coincidence? How stupid do they think we all are?

It’s time for all involved in lying about the Trump-Russia narrative to be held accountable and that includes many within the FBI itself and Hillary Clinton.

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