BREAKING: Chris Wallace Praises Jen Psaki As ‘One Of The Best Press Secretaries Ever’

( Exclusive) – Chris Wallace is the worst. He is one of the most smug, condescending “journalists” in the mainstream media and he wants the world to know how much he loves Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime.

On Friday, the “Fox News Sunday” anchor praised the regime’s mouthpiece, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, calling her “one of the best” ever. He literally used those words.

Wallace made the bizarre remark while discussing Psaki’s defense of Biden not visiting the southern border in his entire 40+ year political career.

“Jen Psaki is, I think, one of the best press secretaries ever,” Wallace claimed.

Of course, no one should be surprised by Wallace’s comments. It’s been obvious for a long time he’s a Democrat operative.

Wallace has made a habit of defending leftists and their anti-American agenda.

For example, he defended Dr. Fauci in June over reports that Fauci was involved with the funding of the Wuhan lab and the coronavirus gain of function research, saying that the reports showed “no smoking gun.”

Wallace’s comment is hardly surprising given he always comes to the defense of embattled Democrat operatives. In the end, Fauci did, in fact, fund the Wuhan lab and he lied to Congress about it.

Wallace also fawned over Biden’s divisive inaugural address back in January, calling it “the best inaugural address” he’s “ever heard.”

“I thought it was a great speech,” Wallace said. “I’ve been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961… I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard.”

Wallace is clearly in the business of pushing propaganda for the Biden regime and hiding the playing out of the globalist elites’ one-world government agenda.

He certainly never shies away from the opportunity to call out Republicans for their beliefs that the election was anything but fair. Earlier this month, Wallace discussed the 2020 election with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise after President Trump reiterated his assertion that the election was stolen from the American people, during a rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

“They used Covid in order to cheat and rig. Remember this is not about me being robbed of an election. This is about the American people having their country taken away from them,” Trump reportedly said.

After discussing other issues, Wallace asked Scalise specifically if he personally believes Trump’s claims that the election was stolen and if he thinks the claims are undermining American democracy.

“Clearly there were irregularities in the last election; there are irregularities in all elections. I want to ask you a specific question: Do you think the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump?” he said.

“And continuing to make that charge,” he continued, “not having states do election reforms, but specifically making this charge that the election was stolen. Do you think that that hurts, undermines American democracy?”

Scalise responded in support of President Trump and contended that there were several states that failed to follow constitutional law regarding elections during the 2020 election.

“If you look at a number of states, they didn’t follow their state-passed laws. That’s what the United States Constitution says. They don’t say the states determine what the rules are; they say the state legislatures determine …,” he said before being cut off.

“But the states all certified,” Wallace interjected.

“But they didn’t follow those legislative rules,” Scalise promptly fired back.

“At the end of the day, are we going to follow what the Constitution says or not? I hope we get back to what the Constitution says, but clearly a number of states didn’t follow those legislative rules,” he continued.

Wallace then attempted to pin Scalise to the wall by asking, “So you think the election was stolen?”

“What I said is there are states that didn’t follow their legislatively set rules. That’s what the United States Constitution says. I think there are a lot of people who want to get back to what the Constitution says,” he replied.

“Not just with elections, but with a lot of other things. And some people want to ignore what the Constitution says and do their own thing. That’s been a debate going on in this country for a long time. Why don’t we just get back to the Constitution?”

Again, Wallace reiterated his original question and also pointed out how many Republican voters believe the election was stolen and say that Biden is not their president.

No matter what Wallace or any other leftist mainstream media pundits have to say, the 2020 election was not fair and many states failed to follow the law. Call it what you will, Joe Biden is not the legitimate president and the election was stolen.

Chris Wallace should leave Fox News and join CNN or some other state propaganda outlet.

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