WOW: FDA Vaccine Panel Members Are Tied To Pfizer

( Exclusive) – The FDA advisory panel that, with a vote of 17-0 on Wednesday has decided to begin recommending the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer for children between the ages of 5 and 11, despite the fact they have acknowledged there is a lack of safety data and a 99.998 percent survival rate from infection, just so happened to have close to a half-dozen members who had ties to the pharmaceutical company.

According to a new report from WND, a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines was part of the group, as was a recent Pfizer consultant, a Pfizer research grant recipient, the mentor of a current high-ranked Pfizer executive, the chairman of Pfizer data group, and the operator of a center that helps distribute the Pfizer vaccine.

How is this not a conflict of interest, right? It seems that the Pfizer company is going to make even more money by having this vaccine made for kids, especially since so many schools are conveniently coming up with vaccine mandates they are forcing on children.

The report also reveals that another member proudly posted up a photo of himself getting the Pfizer vaccine, and there have already been a ton of individuals offering support for giving this still experimental vaccine to young kids.

Oh, and did we mention that recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on the board of directors for Pfizer? Again, how is this okay?

Here’s a breakdown from the original source concerning the members who have ties to Pfizer:

-Dr. Gregg Sylvester, chief medical officer for Seqirus Medical Affairs, previously served as a vice president for Pfizer Vaccines, where he launched Pfizer vaccines, including one for children.

-Dr. Archana Chatterjee, dean of the Chicago Medical School, was sponsored by Pfizer for a research project related to vaccines for infants between 2018-2020.

-Dr. Myron Levine of the University of Maryland School of Medicine mentored Raphael Simon, the senior director of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, as a post-doctoral fellow.

-Dr. James Hildreth, president and chief executive officer of Meharry Medical College, disclosed he has more than $1.5 million in relevant financial interests, including his work as president of Meharry Medical College, which administers Pfizer Coronavirus vaccines.

-Dr. Geeta K. Swamy, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University, is chairman of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee for the Pfizer Group B Streptococcus Vaccine Program, a committee sponsored by Pfizer. According to Duke, Swamy serves as a co-investigator for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial.

“Among the supporters of COVID vaccines for children are Drs. Ofer Levy of Boston Children’s Hospital; Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine; Dr. Jay Portnoy, professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine; and Dr. Melinda Wharton, acting director for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases,” WND went on to reveal.

News outlet the National File cited a report last December by FDANews that said the FDA advisory committee members “in the past have frequently been the target of heavy politicking by industry representatives of whatever drug they were considering for a recommendation at in-person meetings.”

“That process has been somewhat altered by the fact that during COVID-19, meetings are being held virtually,” said FDANews, which primarily focuses on international regulatory, legislative and business news concerning the life science community. “But it’s likely that behind-the-scenes pressuring still goes on. The industry defends the attempts to influence committee members as simply efforts to best present their case.”

Committee member Rubin, who is the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, went on Tuesday to express some serious concerns he has about “a side effect we can’t measure yet,” making a reference to myocarditis, also known as heart inflammation. However, he did come to the conclusion there was no other way to move forward.

“We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it,” he proclaimed. “That’s just the way it goes.”

“Pfizer’s briefing document, issued before the hearing, says on page 10 “the number of participants in the current clinical development program is too small to detect any potential risks of myocarditis associated with vaccination,” the WND report continued.

“Long-term safety of COVID-19 vaccine in participants 5 to <12 years of age will be studied in 5 post-authorization safety studies, including a 5-year follow-up study to evaluate long term sequelae of post-vaccination myocarditis/pericarditis,” the briefing document continued.

Folks, this is clear evidence that this vaccine isn’t about protecting people from COVID-19, which should be obvious given the massive number of breakthrough cases of the illness we have seen. The vaccine seems pretty useless since it doesn’t stop you from spreading or catching the illness, which is the whole point of a vaccine.

Nope, this whole thing was about money and power from the very beginning. The fact that so many folks on the board have solid ties to Pfizer makes that very clear.

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