As Biden Sets January 4th Deadline For Unvaccinated, The CDC And Merriam-Webster Conspire To Change The Definition Of What A Vaccine Is

President Joe Biden’s administration warned Thursday there would be “planned inspections” and heavy fines to ensure businesses comply with a new coronavirus vaccine mandate set for a Jan. 4th deadline.

As the draconian Biden administration, run by whoever is actually running it, prepares to punish the American business owner with vaccine mandates, the CDC and the Merriam-Webster dictionary people have changed the definition of what a vaccine is. Gone is any and all language telling you that vaccines confer immunity, now vaccines only give you an ‘immune response’, reminiscent of the old snake oil ads that told you their medicine gave you ‘guaranteed results’ without saying what those results might be. Death is a ‘response’, think about that.

“A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Jeremiah 5:30,31 (KJB)

We are bombarded with so much news all the time that many of us have forgotten just how often they have ‘moved the goalposts’ in forcing this vaccine on all of us. Remember the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’? They don’t say that anymore because just as many vaccinated people have been hospitalized. Remember Anthony Fauci mockingly deriding the idea of wearing a cloth mask? Right up to the moment he said that we needed to wear not just one cloth mask but two and possibly three.

The New Definition Of What A Vaccine Is:

a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)… Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine … works by injecting a small piece of mRNA from the coronavirus that codes for the virus’ spike protein. … mRNA vaccine spurs the body to produce the spike protein internally. That, in turn, triggers an immune response. Merriam-Webster

Remember when Biden went on the CNN Town Hall and told everyone that vaccinated people won’t catch COVID? That wasn’t true. Then he said vaccinated people won’t be hospitalized, and that wasn’t true. Finally Biden promised us that vaccinated people won’t die from COVID, that absolutely was a lie. So, there was nothing left to do but change the definition of what a vaccine is. This is how all liars operate.

Joe Biden Administration Warns of ‘Planned Inspections’ and $136,532 Fines to Enforce Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

FROM BREITBART NEWS: A senior Biden official spoke to reporters about their planned enforcement measures prior to leveling an Occupational Safety and Public Health requirement for businesses with over 100 employees to get them vaccinated for the coronavirus or test unvaccinated employees weekly and require them to wear masks.

“We also will be having some programmed or planned inspections where we do go to workplaces to check to make certain that the workplace is in compliance with the rule,” the official said.

The official said they would focus much of their vaccine mandate enforcement efforts on employers where employees complained about their working status.

Employers face a standard penalty of $14,000 per violation, which could escalate if they refused to be compliant. Willful or repeated violations of the rule could cost as much as $136,532.

“For example, if we identify that an employer is willfully violating a standard, then that penalty is significantly higher than a workplace that is not willfully doing so,” the official noted.

The White House also warned health care facilities the government will terminate them from Medicare and Medicaid programs as further punishment if they did not comply with the mandate.

“Termination would really only occur if, after providing a facility with an opportunity to make corrections and come into compliance, they chose not to do so,” the official said.

After extensive review, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration filed Thursday their official emergency temporary standard for vaccine requirements.

“The bottom line is: Vaccination requirements work,” the official concluded. “And the actions we’re taking tomorrow will lead to millions of Americans getting vaccinated, protecting workers, saving lives, strengthening our economy, and helping it to accelerate our path out of this pandemic.” READ MORE

Anthony Fauci Said No Masks

The Mainstream News Is Sponsored By Pfizer

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