BREAKING: Top Static Freediver, Is Diagnosed With Myocarditis After Taking Pfizer Vax — May End His Career

( Exclusive) – The psychotic globalist elites of the world have successfully scared hundreds of millions of people across the globe into submitting to their vaccine/population control agenda through COVID propaganda and fear-mongering.

It’s really quite remarkable. Now, sadly, countless healthy individuals are finding out the hard way just how dangerous and unsafe the vaccines really are.

The world’s best static freediving diver, Florian Dagoury, may have just ended his career with his submission to the vaccine demands. After receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, Dagoury was diagnosed with myocarditis and has suffered a substantial loss in his physical ability to freedive.

The French freediver, now based in Thailand, is known for holding his breath for 10 minutes and 30 seconds and, according to the Gateway Pundit, is “currently the world’s top holder in apnea.”

Shortly after receiving the second dose, the diver noticed that his heart rate was significantly higher than normal and that his ability to hold his breath had dramatically decreased.

After ten days of the accelerated heart rate, Dagoury went to see a cardiologist but was told that it was totally normal, nothing to worry about, and sent him on his way under the impression it would soon improve.

After 40 days, Dagoury did not see any improvement and went to see another cardiologist. This time he was diagnosed with myocarditis and trivial mitral regurgitation.

Dagoury then shared his “annoying experience” with vaccines on Instagram.

He explained that after his 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine he “noticed that my heart rate was way higher than normal and my breath hold capacities went down significantly.”

He further explained, “During sleep, I’m at 65-70bpm instead of 37-45bpm. During the day I’m now always over 100bpm instead of 65bpm, even when I sit down and relax. Once I even reach 177bpm while having dinner with friends!”

He recalled how the first cardiologist told him “it’s a common side effect” and that it was “nothing to worry about” and was advised to “just rest” and wait for it to pass. Forty days later, however, he “had no progress” and decided to see a second cardiologist. It was during that visit that he “got diagnosed with Myocarditis and Trivial Mitral regurgitation!”

He explained, “Which is basically an inflammation of the heart muscles caused by the immune system and some tiny leaks of blood from the valves that no longer close properly.”

The fallout of this new diagnosis has been catastrophic for his career as the world’s leading static freediver.

“I’m now struggling to reach 8min breath hold, 150m dyn and I even have a strong urge to breathe doing 40m dives. 30% decrease on my diving performance roughly.”

In conclusion, he warned other freedivers around the world to avoid the “new mRNA vaccines” and instead “choose a vaccine that is done the old fashion way like Sputnik, Sinovac, Sinopharm, etc…”

An even better solution would be not to fear a virus with a 99.5% survival rate and not be bullied into getting a vaccine that has a much higher chance of harming or even killing you than the virus itself.

These vaccines are ruining lives. It’s happening all over the world. There is no way of knowing who they will have a negative effect on and the risk just does not outweigh the supposed benefits.

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