REPORT: Gavin Newsom Is Out Of Sight Because He Has Bell’s Palsy From His Booster Shot… Where Is Our Dishonest Media?

( Exclusive) – A new rumor is making rounds across the internet concerning California Gov. Gavin Newsom who is suddenly out of sight ever since he received his vaccine booster shot, with many folks stating that his absence is due to getting Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barre Syndrome as a side effect.

According to Infowars, this condition usually springs up just mere hours after you get the jab, so it makes perfect sense for this to have happened to Newsom.

Steve Kirsch gave three reasons he believes the governor is suffering from Bell’s Palsy, starting with the fact that it’s actually a far more common reaction than GBS by a factor of five.

Kirsch then stated that it’s common to get this condition after taking the Moderna shot, which is what he took for the booster.

Third, it goes away within a few days or weeks, which is a lot faster than GBS.

“For example, Brady Smith, a dentist in Camas, Washington, had two patients (of 10,000) who got Moderna (not administered by him) and developed Bell’s palsy within a few hours after the shot. In both cases, the paralysis resolved within a few days. This can totally explain how Newsom can now (as of Nov. 9) appear in public with no traces. Nobody will know he was vaccine injured. All he has to do now is come up with a lame excuse for why he dropped from sight for nearly two weeks with no explanation. Simple,” Kirsch said in his piece.

“I checked into this and I’m over 90% sure that this is true (but I can’t tell you publicly about it without revealing my source) which prompted me to write this article,” he continued, adding, “Am I 100% certain? No. This is just my personal educated hypothesis piecing together the information (both from public and private sources) that I’ve gathered.”

Kirsch stated that some new information he has indicates that there’s a possibility Newsom is going to do a livestream on November 9th at 11:45 am at the California Economic Summit.

Fox News says “Newsom press secretary Daniel Lopez said the governor worked at the state Capitol last week and would begin making normal appearances again sometime this week, according to a statement provided to SFGATE.”

As of now, there’s been zero explanations given for why Newsom has been missing in action over the last two weeks. Pretty suspicious, right? But yet there’s a chance he will pop up for this livestream?

The thing is, if he were having some sort of family situation, why not go on social media and say so in order to dispel the rumors that he is experiencing complications from the vaccine? It’s just strange.

What’s really scary is the fact that Newsom is still mandating that children be given the vaccine, even going on to comment about it after experiencing the side effects he’s suffering from.

“Hundreds of previously healthy kids will suffer neurological damage just like he did as a result of his mandate. Hundreds of kids will die from the vaccine,” Kirsch said in his piece.

“Bell’s and GBS are just two of over 5,000 adverse events that are elevated by these vaccines. More troubling is that the risk-benefit analysis for 5 to 11 I’ve seen shows we will kill 117 kids to maybe save 1 kid from COVID,” he added.

“Over 120,000 Americans have suffered from Bell’s Palsy after vaccination (you take the incidence rate from the table and multiply by the minimum VAERS underreporting factor (URF) of 41 which is calculated here) and it could easily be over 250,000 cases,” the report said.

Kirsch then says that a neurologist he knows has over 2,000 clients who are suffering with injuries from the coronavirus vaccine out of the 20,000 clients he sees. Before the vaccine this individual didn’t have any of these events. It’s the vaccine causing the issue.

But of course, our media isn’t covering any of this because they are the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. They have a narrative to push that was handed down by their overlords, and they plan on being good bootlickers and doing what they are told.

Let’s hope people wake up to the truth about the vaccine before it’s too late.

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