LinkedIn Censors Interview With British Cardiologist Who Criticized Pfizer Vaccine Coverup

( Exclusive) – The left loves to demand that we listen to the “experts” and “follow the science” but only they get to determine who the experts are and what the supposed science is we are to be following.

If any real experts dare to give an opinion or factual information contrary to the left’s COVID narrative and agenda, they’re subject to censorship and silencing.

The Big Tech Cabal is happy to do the bidding of the radical left and no platform seems safe from their constant oversight.

On LinkedIn, a platform for business professionals, a video has been censored featuring Dr. Aseem Malhorta in which he discusses the efficacy of the COVID shots for violating its “professional community policies.”

A doctor discussing the efficacy of a pharmaceutical drug is somehow a violation of “professional community policies” on a platform that is meant for professionals and experts. Utter insanity.

Interviewer Maajid Nawaz shared a screen shot of a message he received from LinkedIn on Facebook that informed him that his video had been removed and that only he could see it (screen shot here).

No other information was given as to why the video was censored but we all know it was censored because it violated the left’s COVID narrative that says the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

We all know these are blatant lies but no one is allowed to say it, not even medical professionals who would in any other circumstance be considered experts.

A link was included in the notification to Nawaz which we can only assume leads to LinkedIn’s policy page where users are told to be “safe, civil and respectful,” along with trustworthy by using their real identity to share “real and authentic” information as well as to make sure their content is professionally relevant.

Tell us you’re censoring videos for political reasons without telling us you’re censoring videos for political reasons.

Dr. Malhorta dares to call out the vaccines’ efficacy in the video, which is still available on YouTube, during an interview with LBC talk radio station. The conversation he and Nawaz had focused on the vaccine mandates which Dr. Malhorta believes are unethical.

The real reason the video was taken down was because of Malhorta’s assertion that the current healthcare situation is a result of “the corporate capture of public health.”

He also states that he does not believe the shots have proven to be significantly effective in reducing transmission of the Chinese coronavirus and accused Big Food and Big Pharma of being more concerned with profits than ways to actually improve Americans’ health.

It goes against LinkedIn’s “professional community policies” to criticize corporate America, apparently, no matter how accurate the criticism is. This is a scary place we’ve arrived at.

Dr. Malhorta further discussed the CDC whistleblower who revealed that a contractor being used by Pfizer was falsifying COVID vaccine trial data and that the vaccines’ efficacy may have been overstated.

Malhorta also dared to state that he has changed his mind on the vaccines, explaining that he had received both Pfizer shots earlier this year thinking it was helping to protect his patients but now he doesn’t believe that to be true.

“What’s now very very clear, as this data’s evolving,” Malhotra said, “is that there’s no significant reduction in transmission from taking the vaccine.”

Now Malhorta is censored. Is anyone surprised?

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