WONDER DRUG: Oklahoma Doctors Have Tremendous Success In Treating Nursing Home COVID Patients With Ivermectin

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A previous piece that was published by the Gateway Pundit revealed that a new international report that included 64 studies demonstrated that Ivermectin has a success rate of 86 percent as a prophylaxis for COVID-19 and a 67 percent success rate as an actual treatment for the illness itself (screen shots here and here).

A new report from GP says that two doctors from Oklahoma, Dr. John Sutton and Dr. David Jayne, recently shared some stories about the use of Ivermectin as a form of treatment for patients who suffer from COVID-19.

“Dr. John Sutton is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Woodward, Oklahoma, and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. He served three nursing homes in Woodward and Dewey county that experienced a COVID-19 outbreak. And Dr. Jayne works in Edmond, OK, and specializes in Family Medicine and Preventive Care,” the report says.

The two doctors are very concerned about the government’s intervention in how COVID patients are being treated for the illness.

“The government is trying to overreach their authority… Doctors have been pretty autonomous ever since there was the first doctor. The doctor could think for himself and do what he thought was right for a patient. And I don’t think the government ought to be telling doctors how to practice medicine,” Dr. John Sutton went on to say.

“I treat them and guess what? They get better. I can’t stand back and do nothing when I know I can help people,” Dr. David Jayne also said.

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs reports, “All three nursing homes served by Sutton have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks. The first home experienced an outbreak before vaccines were widely available and before ‘ivermectin was even in the discussion,’ Sutton said.”

“That nursing home experienced a 30-percent mortality rate among those who contracted the virus, ” he said. “By the time an outbreak occurred at the second nursing home, both Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies were known treatments and were provided to residents. Sutton also ordered that all residents be provided Ivermectin ‘whether they had the disease or not,’” the report continued.

Of the 56 residents that live in that home, only one person has died from the illness.

“The thing that was different from the first nursing home was the monoclonal antibodies and the ivermectin,” Sutton stated.

When the third nursing home experienced the outbreak, a similar course of treatment was then pursued. Out of 75 folks who lived in the home, only one person died.

“I’m pretty proud of my results,” Sutton proclaimed, “because you hear on the news media where nursing homes had a total disaster. Some of them had 80-percent mortality, and a lot of them had 30- to 50-percent mortality.”

Sutton went on to say that his experience in treating folks with the medication is an “anecdotal thing” and is not a “definite study,” though he said the results he got are hard to ignore.

“I can’t definitely say ivermectin worked,” Sutton commented. “It sure seemed, in my little world, seemed to work. And nobody—absolutely nobody—had any side effects from it.”

“Other Oklahoma doctors report similar outcomes. Dr. David Jayne, a board-certified family practitioner in Edmond, said he has prescribed ivermectin for hundreds of patients with COVID and achieved ‘extremely high results.’ Of that total, he said only one patient was hospitalized and ‘no one on a ventilator, no one died,’” the report went on to state.

The individuals who were treated by Jayne were as old as 93.

“As a cardiologist, Dr. Dwayne Schmidt said primary care is far from his focus, but patients ‘seek me out’ because they know he is ‘open’ to prescribing ivermectin for this disease due to the overwhelming supportive data from around the world. In his experience, Schmidt said ivermectin has been ‘very effective if it’s used in adequate dosages and early in the disease process,’” the report added.

However, despite all of the results that seemingly point to Ivermectin being an effective treatment for those that contract COVID-19, officials say that all of the hostility to prescribing the drug is due to politics, not science.

It seems that these authorities are pushing the COVID vaccine as the primary and formally approved method of treating the illness. While it’s currently believed (wrongly, I might add) that vaccines reduce the severity of the symptoms suffered by those with the virus, they aren’t working out too well, particularly for the most vulnerable individuals in the human population.

“According to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, 64 patients at the eight veterans centers it operates statewide died while COVID-positive between Jan. 1 and Oct. 15, 2021. Thirty-two individuals died prior to the availability of COVID vaccinations. Of the remaining 32 patients who died while COVID-positive, 23 were fully vaccinated, four had received one dose of a two-shot vaccination, and only five were unvaccinated,” the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs went on to say.

The denial of support for Ivermectin is due to the fact that Big Pharma and progressives in the government are working together to help each other’s agenda. If only the vaccines are pushed as the solution to the COVID pandemic, then Big Pharma rakes in billions of dollars in profit, while progressives use the drive for the vaccine as a means of usurping power and authority away from the people.

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