BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Hid From Public The Number Of Deaths In COVID Clinical Trials

( Exclusive) – According to a bombshell report from Gateway Pundit, Pfizer lied concerning the actual number of people who died during the coronavirus vaccine trials the company conducted. According to new information, the actual number of deaths is around 21, not 15, as was originally reported by the pharmaceutical giant.

Gee, what a shock. Pfizer actually lied about these deadly trials, but just so happened to recently report they’ve had their greatest earnings ever. The real question we all want answered is when are those involved in this mess ever going to be held accountable for their actions. It seems like this sort of garbage should come with some hefty prison sentences.

Alex Berenson recently said in his report, “On July 28, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech posted a six-month data update from their key Covid vaccine clinical trial, the one that led regulators worldwide to okay the shot.”

“At a time when questions about vaccine effectiveness were rising, the report received worldwide attention. Pfizer said the vaccine’s efficacy remained relatively strong, at 84 percent after six months,” the Berenson report continued.

“It also reported 15 of the roughly 22,000 people who received the vaccine in the trial had died, compared to 14 of the 22,000 people who received placebo (a saline shot that didn’t contain the vaccine),” Berenson’s report said (screen shot here).

“These were not just Covid deaths. In fact, they were mostly not from Covid. Only three of the people in the trial died of Covid-related illnesses – one who received the vaccine, and two who received the saline shot. The other deaths were from other illnesses and diseases, mostly cardiovascular,” it added.

“From Dose 1 through the March 13, 2021 data cutoff date, there were a total of 38 deaths, 21 in the COMIRNATY [vaccine] group and 17 in the placebo group,” Berenson wrote.

“Pfizer said publicly in July it had found 15 deaths among vaccine recipients by mid-March. But it told the FDA there were 21 – at the same data cutoff end date, March 13,” the report continued, adding, “21. Not 15.”

“The placebo figure in the trial was also wrong. Pfizer had 17 deaths among placebo recipients, not 14. Nine extra deaths overall, six among vaccine recipients,” Berenson wrote in conclusion.

When you look at the information on the VAERS website there were 12,412 deaths linked to the vaccine produced by Pfizer this year (screen shot here).

The bottom line here is that Pfizer lied, and people died.

And yet, this company is making a killing — no pun intended — from the selling of this vaccine and they are soon to release a COVID pill to treat the illness. This pandemic has been extremely beneficial for the folks over at Pfizer.

According to Gateway Pundit, Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech have made a combined profit of $93.5 million off the vaccine.

To give this a little context, that’s about $65,000 every minute and $1,000 per second. If only the rest of us could make that much money, right?

Medical Xpress went on to report, “Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making combined profits of $65,000 every minute from their highly successful COVID-19 vaccines while the world’s poorest countries remain largely unvaccinated, according to a new analysis.”

“The companies have sold the vast majority of their doses to rich countries, leaving low-income nations in the lurch, said the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA), a coalition campaigning for wider access to COVID vaccines, which based its calculations on the firms’ own earning reports,” the Medical Xpress report stated.

“The Alliance estimates that the trio will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year between them, which works out to over $1,000 a second, $65,000 a minute or $93.5 million a day,” the report added.

As you can see, Big Pharma has a lot to gain by keeping us all trapped in the COVID pandemic. Maybe this is why they are so desperate to continue pushing for us all to get one booster after another? Lines their pockets with lots of cash while providing our government with lots of excuses to suck up more and more power and authority.

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